AS Bumper Cars



This the final release of the first bumper cars map. Many of the pains of the first one has been fixed. I am sorry, because I didn't add any weapons in... Because it's Bumper Cars! You cannot get stuck under the bumper, the cones now popup after you go on it (trick others to land on it), and if you try walking the course or you get flipped out of your vehicle, you'll be teleported to the n00b box, where 4 energy turrets will be ready to kill you.



Bumper Cars - FINAL 
This is the final release of the original bumper cars.

What's Fixed?
You cannot get stuck under the flippers
You can, however, get flipped through the pit (left that on purpose)
There are sentinels guarding each base
You cannot walk the course, believe me! ;)

AS-PW-BumperCarz-FINAL.ut2 -> UT2004/Maps
AS-PW-BumperCarz-FINAL.ut2.uz2 -> Redirect (for servers only) Otherwise Delete
ScorpionType3 -> UT2004/System
Screenshot.jpg -> Delete
Readme.txt -> Delete

Special Thanks:
All of you guys who love this plainly simple map with no true point
to it. I must say that's what most of my original maps were like
such as the F'Around stunt maps. 

Be on the lookout for the FINAL version of BumperCars2

"BumperCarz", "Special", and "This" are trademarked names of
Projectile Waffle Ltd. ;)

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