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AS-Gauntlet Map for Unreal Tournament 2004 By Jon Zepp aka. Yo'Daddy aka. DaJMasta

VERSION: 1.0 Beta Release September 7, 2004

To Install:

Just use the UMOD and it will do the work for you!

To Uninstall:

Remove GoodKarma.u from the UT2004/system/ directory, and the AS-Gauntlet_BETA1 from the UT2004/maps/ directory

Notes: I do need to put alot of finishing touches on, but in this version, all of it is here.

PLEASE leave feedback in any way you can, its the only way I can make it better!

Version History:

1.0 beta Release: Current Version -Fully working -Only minor bot-support errors -Intro movie -Support for the GoodKarma System

Known Bugs:

-No great bot support -No ending movie or effect -Minor flow errors -Low level of optimization

For my latest atrocities:

Or to suggest some of your own:

[email protected]

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