The final version of AS-HellbenderRaceNightmare, a pretty interesting race style assault map.


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The final version of AS-HellbenderRaceNightmare, a pretty interesting race style assault map.

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Download 'ashellbenderracenightmarefinal.rar' (18.87MB)

an eVil eXtreme MAKEOVER

Nightmare-Final by .eVil. Cap D screw )o(Stormblade, FU, and Biggsy.:LLS:. (pricks) for UT2004 
Thanks Angel Mapper for OMFG Gun

Installion --

Dump AS-HellbenderRace[Nightmare]-Final.ut2 to your ut2004 Maps folder
Dump all files in system to your ut2004 System folder
Dump confeniaX.ogg to your ut2004 Music folder
Run ut2004 and play!

About --

Three times the content than the PreFinal, bigger and better in everyway.  More new Hellbenders, 6 types to be exact, and all other UT2004 vehicles including the toilet car aka the shitter are here.  The map looks better than ever with higher quality light maps and textures.  The super secret dual OMFG guns are back to top it off.

Other things --

- eVil Hellbender
- The Bitch Slapper
- Rear Turretless Hellbender
- Anti-Air Hellbender
- LLS Fairybender
- Stormblade's Homobender

Other Vehicles
- Scorpion
- Manta
- Cicada
- Raptor
- Paladin
- Tank
- The Shitter

One of my main focuses was the look, I've added several decorations and other Miscellaneous Crap to improve on the look of the map.

A secret alternate ending added, very cool.

Fixed a glitch with the Anti-Air Hellbender, Example, Red team attacks and wins with regular hellbender.  Blue attacks faster with anti-air hellbender, red wins due to anti-air hellbender being an optional objective (it doesn't count as a obj) so red team scores 3 obj and blue scores 2 Gameover.  So now ANY hellbender acts as any other, they're all under the same class, not different ones like before.

Half the vehicles have different horns

The Raptor handles like the cicada in a few ways, to improve on flying.

More Alerts, removed some stupid ones.

P Room redesigned with a working strobe light (hard to figure out how to get blinking lights to work in maps), new stereo music, custom scrolling messages, the P Room sign logo thing  light projected on walls (looks great), and some tight looking emitter that gives room a cool foggy look.

And several other things you all need to find out by playing!

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