AS Magma

asmagmabeta4.zip —


New Version Of Magma. This one should be much more fun, and have better gameplay. July, 2024 the Skaarj clan has been pushed to the verge of destruction in the wars. As a last resort, the skaarj construct a massive base, created for weapon design and development. The base was hidden within MT. Kiros, an active volcano on the deserted isle Kiros. The base was accidentally discovered by a sailor, and he immediately reported what he saw to NEG. The base showed no vital weaknesses, and the volcano wasn't due to erupt for another 200 years. So the NEG decided to destroy the base by creating a pre-mature eruption to flood the base with magma. They did this by invading the base, and planting a high explosive to the lowest point in the volcano. The explosion, would tear a small hole in the Earth's crust, building immense pressure within the volcano, and causing an early eruption.


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