AS-OverLord 2004 (MSU-F)

Special Thanks

- David Myres - Beta Testing and general suggestions - InfestedTerren - Beta Testing and general suggestions ...


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Special Thanks

- David Myres - Beta Testing and general suggestions - InfestedTerren - Beta Testing and general suggestions HUGE Thanks

- Dave Ewing - For making the Original Overlord - Phil Cole - For making AS-Junkyard, where I was inspired quite a lot, and where a lot of my static meshes came from (Espesially outside) - UT2004 SE Bonus disk VTM's - Where I learnt how to create Static Meshes (I Know, there still pretty bad, so if anyone knows any tutorials on modeling in Maya, please e-mail me. thanks) - Angel Mapper - For her amazing Assault Mapping tutorial - Westwood studios for their music from Red Alert 2

- Play Info -

Game - UT2004 Single Player - Yes (Bots) Recommended Players - 12-24

- Construction -

Editor - UnrealEd 3.0 Other Programs - Maya 5.0 PLE Construction Time - about 2-3 months, on and off

Description - Overlord2k4 is based off the UT99 assault map 'Overlord'. The map has been fully adapted for Unreal Tournament 2004.

This scenario is a recreation of one of the most famous, and important events in World War history, Operation Overlord.

Copyright / Permissions

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. Custom Scripts and Textures may not be used without authors permission.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission!

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.

If your going to use any custom stuff (don't know why you would though) make sure you e-mail me and give me a place on the credits.


- Minigun Turrets are now easier to destroy (from 800 to 250) - Added Shields at the sand mound player starts - Level is Optimized. Yay. - Shingle is a bit longer - the Beach traps are no longer in EXACTLY the same postition - Moved the Defenders' weapon lockers on the mound down so that they are easier to access - Moved Defenders' weapon lockers in the BigGun player start room for easier access - rotated the Defenders player starts on the top of the mound (Defenders) - Base entry objective can no longer be missed - Ammo room objective can no longer be missed - Changed the texture for the water (Don't know if i will keep it) - added a few more exploding barrels - you can no longer "Escape" from the level - added more decerative StaticMeshes outside - Karma Fence now works correctly - tweaked bot paths (Bots are now better at getting the Bangalores) - got rid of the shark 'easter egg' - fluid surface works correctly - added a boat creaking noise - added a noise to the boat doors when they open and hit the water - sky box is fixed - added steam to the vents in the wall, with sounds - no longer fall through the terrain when getting the Hellbender - can no longer fall in between the sides of the towers and the mound - Attackers can no longer get up the mound between the towers - Added more boats - New Log StaticMesh - Ambient sounds on the beach have been improved (Not so load and distracting anymore) - Replaced Minigun in Ammo room with a Rocket Launcher - Added various decorations on the inside as in the original - Added a Flak Cannon and Rocket Launcher in the boiler room (for Defenders) - Changed the title (NOT THE NAME OF THE MAP) to "Operation Overlord 2004" from just "Overlord2k4" - Slightly edited the jump pad particle Effect (Now Slightly Bends. Still a bit dodgy though) - Smoothed out terrain underneath the boats - Added wall panels to the steeper sloped walls, to make look better, and to also insert an Anti-Portal - Weapon Locker in Last Attacking player start position is no longer imbedded in the Static Mesh - Added Ambient sounds to the Boiler Room Control room thing (with the big turbines) - Added an Announcer for the countdown - Defenders can no longer enter the Hellbender - Changed the song (Now Junkyard) - Added Spawn Protection Sentinels to the Base Entry Objective player starts - Big Gun room has been completly modified, it is now bigger and better - Added a few more mortar holes - The dragon head sprite is now hidden - The Mortars have COMPLETELY changed, they still use the same system though - The weapon bases in the Base Entry objective player starts are no longer floating - Added a light to the last hallway, it was way to dark before - Added more Location Volumes - Put a new control panel in - Added a water splash for when the boat doors hit the water (Looks funny though, and doesn't always work) - Added a description - The terrain is more better aligned with the Terrains next to it - Removed the "Enter the Boiler Room" Objective - Player starts on the Beach are now facing forward - The Weapon locker in the Boiler room now has a lightning gun - Took out the weapon lockers inside the rooms where the defenders start in the boiler room - Called the inside "Base" rather than "Bunker" - New Screenshots - Added a few more defence points at each of the objectives - Fixed the Control Panel Room - Changed the Announcer for some of the objectives - Got rid of the "Enter the Ammo Room" Objective. Now the Attackers must open the Ammo Room security gates. This makes that part of the level more playable for the defenders - Defenders player starts are now above the Ammo Room. Defenders now have to jump down into the Ammo Room - Added some ammo for Defenders in the boiler room - moved the new player start triggers on the beach further up - Added a rocket launcher to the Attackers weapons bases at the shingle player starts - The "Destroy the Big Gun Control Panel" objective is now optional


- Added rain - Added a raining sound - Made the ASCriticleObjective Volume smaller in the boiler room - Railing on the ramp is no longer colliding (Used to be able to get stuck) - Turrets are now stronger (now 500) - Now a 20 percent chance that bots will decide to go left at the towers - Bots are more aggresive - Outside is even more darker - Fog is thicker, and darker - Added some lights on the mound. It seemed to go pitch black when I darkened outside - fixed the position of the lights on the light posts - changed the song yet again (now "Grinder" From Red Alert 2) - Made the Energy Core look like proper bangalores - Added a new emitter for the shingle (matal bars) - Few more ai tweaks - Now have to walk up to the boat doors to open them (Fix for the countdown starting before the actual game had started) - Added a grate thing infront of the control panel - "Big Gun" is now called "Long Range Cannon" - Added various Static Meshes - Added Intro and Outro (Outro Doesn't work properly though)


- The bots suck

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