Another Assault map for UT2004, by the creator of AS-Fortress.


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Another Assault map for UT2004, by the creator of AS-Fortress.

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Download '' (4.16MB)


Created by: Frase
Map enhancement by: Endurance


1) Unzip the contents of
2) Place AS-Project.ut2 into your UT2004/Maps directory

Server Installation:

1) Simply upload AS-Project.ut2 to the server maps folder, no additional files should be neccessary.

Bot Support:

Bots are not very intelligent but will complete the map. They have been known to get stuck on the first objective when they tend to lose interest in it and 
would rather attack the defenders spawn. The map is ofcourse however, intended for online play & clan matches.

With thanks to:

Endurance/Harmandibus - Terrain visual enhancement, addition of static mesh, lighting, sounds and geometry, suggestions/play testing.
Adrenaline/Danks - Suggestions/Play Testing
Mystic/Remedy - Suggestions/Play Testing
Enigma/Blizzard - Suggestions/Play Testing
Ghost - Suggestions/Play Testing
Tyrant/Evolution - Spiritual encouragement

This map was made by the creator of AS-Fortress

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