AS-Retrieval (Beta 2)



This is a fixed version of AS-Retrieval. The most noteable changes are gameplay changes (this one is much more balanced and is much easier to attack.) Also, there are a few light changes (colors, coronas, etc.) I hope you will all enjoy it Here is the storyline. During the human skaarj war, the humans began losing men, and many cities lay in ruins. A small team of human scientists built the prototype of a one man plasma tank code named the paladin, to aid the humans in the war. Unfortunatly, while the prototype was still in testing, the skaarj invaded the small lab, and stole the paladin's blueprints, and escaped with the prototype. The NEG alpha team followed the skaarj bandits to a small factory in the middle of the mountains on the planet Chronos. Thier mission was to retrieve the paladin blue prints, and the paldin prototype, and destroy the entire facility, before the skaarj could start creating their own paladins. Enjoy!


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