AS SkyRace (Revision)

This is the REVISION of AS-SkyRace, based on it's predecessor named 'AS-SkyRace-FinalVersion(Fix)'.

Useable vehicles:

- Goliat...


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This is the REVISION of AS-SkyRace, based on it's predecessor named 'AS-SkyRace-FinalVersion(Fix)'.

Useable vehicles:

- Goliath - Flare Raptor (custom vehicle) - Unarmed Scorpion (custom vehicle) - Armed Scorpion (custom vehicle) - Shock Scorpion (custom vehicle) - Plasma Scorpion (custom vehicle) - HellBender - Manta - SPMA - Mothership Turret - Minigun Turret

SkyRace is designed and meant for all you Assault race map lovers. It combines Assault racing and traditional Assault elements and blends them together. It is based upon countless of other race maps, such as AS-HellbenderRace, AS-ScorpionRace, AS-Pyra, AS-Junkyard and many, many others. The whole map is located on a series of plaforms, which for once, aren't magicly floating in mid-air, but are held up by long supports sticking out of the smoggy atmosphere below. Falling off would be a bad idea. If the poisonous smog didn't instantly instantly kill you, the fall to the ground would likely do it anyway. Your goals are mostly to get a certain vehicle at a certain place.

There are lots of hidden elements and tricks to pull off in this map. Play smart, explore beyond the main paths, and use your head. About all of the objectives may seem incredibly hard at first, but the more you explore and learn the map, the better you will become.

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 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%   AS-SkyRace(Revision)   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

 Author: Jan "Aquablue" Vos
 Contact: E-mail me at or 
 if you have any questions/suggestions/complaints.

 You are not allowed to use this level as a base to build additional
 levels without my permission. Feel free to distribute this level, as 
 long as you keep it in it's unmodified, original form leaving the 
 archive, including this file, intact. If you want to modify this map, 
 like remaking it or using it in a mappack, contact me and I will give 
 you permission. That's all I ask.


  - Extract the file 'AS-SkyRace(Revision).ut2' into your Unreal Tournament 2004/Maps 

 That's all. No more is needed for the map to 


 Credits go out to:

  - Members of for their helpful advice. 

  - Members of, for running previous versions of 
 this map on their server and giving me lots of feedback.

  - Players on the Rotterdam Sheep Clan server, for playing previous 
 version of the map with me and providing heaps of feedback.

  - Lots of (other) people I didn't mention specificly, such as Rupert 
 Quentin Pollard, Stormblade, Kel, Nodrak, Madame Arsenic, and SabbathCat.


 Have fun! :-)

  --  Aquablue  --

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