Steal the Secret Files and Escape!


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Steal the Secret Files and Escape!

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Creator(s): Sander ([email protected])

*************Map Information*************

Name: Thief Second Edition
Players: 4-16
Gametype: Assault
AI: yes
Map Description: Steal the Secret Files and Escape!

*************Installation Instructions*************

1 - Unzip the contents of this folder.
2 - Place the .utx files in the ut2004 textures folder, the ut2 file in the ut2004 map folder, the UAX file in the ut2004/sounds folder, the .ogg file in ut2004/music folder and the .usx file in ut2004/staticmeshes folder


If you experience any difficulties with this map, please contact the map owner

This map is exclusive to the creator(s).  It may not be put on the Internet 
for download without expressed permission by the creator(s).

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