This is not an Assault map, it is designed for TEAM DEATHMATCH.



File Name - AS-WarOfTheWorlds
File Size - 631 KB
Player Count: 16-32
Author - Sean 'Ace' Curran
Gametype - UT2k4 ---->>>>!TEAM DEATHMATCH!<<<-----
Map Description:
Lets get one thing straight, !THIS IS NOT AN ASSUALT MAP!
The design of it is strictly and soley for TEAM DEATHMATCH.
The only reason it was saved as assault (ie. AS-WarOfTheWorlds), is because it is an all space fighter map, and when saved as a deathmatch file, the space fighters do not spawn.
So before you flame me saying "wtf, is this guy retarded? there are no objectives!" take into consideration the above.

A Few Specs:
Because it is saved as Assault, the Announcer will say "You are attacking/defending" when you spawn
Nothing can be done to prevent each team from successfully defending on the first round, because, well, once again there are no objectives.
If you fly into the one of the asteroids in the asteroid belt, they start spazzing out and spinning everywhere. I dunno whats causing that, and therefore, cant fix it.
I would and could have had the player and bots spawn outside of the space fighters, so you yourself could get into the fightter, but the bots refused to do that.

----> If you absolutley detest the space fighter portion of AS-Mothership, I highly recommend skipping this map, as you are not able to get out of them!

On the other hand, if the space fighter portion of AS-Mothership is the only reason you play it, youll love this map.

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