ASnipe's Static Meshes



Static Meshes with Textures; over 100 unique, mainly centred around an English Pub theme. Beer pumps; optics; keg; gauges; some bottles; skirting boards; doors; elevator + doors etc.



The enclosed .ase; .dds and .bmp files in the .zip file are static meshes made for use in UT2004
Hi, hope you have fun with my static meshes and they work for your map or wherever you use them. This file eventually explains how to import .ase mesh files and their textures.

IMPORTANT: The meshes and textures enclosed are "AS IS"  They are YOUR responsibility if you choose to use them and things CAN go wrong. Before you begin importing anything BACK UP your work because a rogue static mesh can ruin your entire map level.  All the enclosed meshes have been tested in my levels with no problems but hey, you never know, better to be safe -- back up, back up!
The meshes are provided Free for distribution but if you want to charge for them or whatever, let me know and we'll talk.  My email address is at the end of this text file.
Otherwise all, if you use my meshes I expect to be mentioned in your readme file.  Modify the textures / meshes -- build on them, do what you want, but again I expect a mention in your readme.
The meshes were made for the Unreal Mod, "Killing Floor" and I used most of them in my map "Happy Hour" ; a zombie infested English pub, hence kegs, keg gauges, pump handles and other stuff you may find in a pub inn and surrounds.
If you want the meshes for a Doom map I hope they will be ok. http://www.doom3world.org/ and they should help you out with importing. Also try http://www.katsbits.com/ he had some great tutorials last time I looked. I tried to use some of his .ase meshes in Unreal2004 Killing Floor but I couldn't get them to work, so maybe these won't work for Doom.  I'm not sure, I was a novice at the time I tried Kat's .ase meshes.  Kat did say meshes can be unpredictable. We can only try.

I made the meshes in Blender http://www.blender.org/  My main source of textures was http://www.cgtextures.com/ and as this is non-commercial aimed at supporting map makers in the free Unreal mod "Killing Floor" CG are happy.  If that changes, I'll let them know, ok??
IMPORTANT NOTE: KF meshes have a door3 and so do mine, so watch for conflicts.  If necessary, rename imports -- both textures and meshes.

I've cut off pieces of the hidden parts of the meshes, sorry if this is a pain for you, but in my maps I try hard to max the Frame Rate.  Sky_b.ase doesn't have a texture with it.  The reason is I used the stock kf londonskyFB texture.  The kf mesh for the sky was 600 triangles and my sky mesh is 99 triangles and gives the same look so I opted for my mesh.  "Tankard.ase" doesn't have a texture and I can't give you one for it because it's an internal shader and the base texture is total rubbish, you'd hate it, (truly, it is crap), so if you want the tankard you'll have to make a texture or hunt the Unreal texture files for one -- 2k4trophyTex.utx has a shiny gold texture ^^ but there must be silver around somewhere.  Wire_n_plug and wire_n_clips both use the same texture.  Applying 1 texture to several meshes isn't a problem.
Most of the mesh textures are compressed .dds and they're simple enough to import into Unrealed or even Doom too, I hope. The compression for the .dds textures is already done (dxt1 and dxt5) and they have mips as well, so DON'T check mips when you import the .dds textures.  No tick in the mips box!  I'll remind you again later.

The .bmp textures are slightly different.  The .bmp s are for the masked meshes, eg, lampshade_striped: which is both "masked" and "double sided."  Not all the masked textures are doublesided -- the fan for the aircon unit is just "masked."  In Unrealed you can compress (right click on .bmp textures and choose dxt3 or dxt5 -- NOT dxt1, or they won't mask.)  Add mips to .bmps too if you want. If you make a mistake just reimport.
In Unrealed Right click on a texture in the texture browser and goto surface > masked > True or double sided > true as required (that won't work with the .dds textures).
If you want rid of a mesh and / or texture, then don't use the texture / mesh in the map, save the map as usual; exit Unrealed completely then reload it and the texture / mesh will be gone.   Don't go saving packages, which unrealed will ask when you quit to desktop.
EDitED for space "complex import instructions" are inside asnipestaticmeshes.zip file
TEXTURES simple import instructions:
In texture browers, click: File > Import, choose Package: mylevel; Group: texture name.  Name: texture name.
Where it's a mesh with multiple textures eg with aircon, then aircon is the Group name I chose.  Fan went in the aircon group along with the shader (aircon_metal) and the aircon_spec; aircon_fan and the RexRotator: aircon_fan_move.  When I imported the aircon static mesh, the aircon textures were all placed nearly correctly on the mesh. (I had to manually connect the aircon shader -- explained below)
STATIC MESHES, simple import instructions:
Open static mesh browser (similar import procedure to textures) IE: File > import (choose the .ase file) Enter Package: mylevel  Group: (you can choose a group name and keep all your imported meshes in the same group if you want or have different groups -- doesn't seem to matter which with meshes)  Mesh Name: (name of .ase mesh)
As above, again, right clicking on a texture will bring up properties.  In Surface for the .bmp lampshade mesh eg, you will need to change it to bTwoSided: True.  To have bTwoSided true, you also need to have bMasked True as well.  I haven't found a way of making the .dds to mask or twoside that's why I use the .bmps for mask and twoside. 
Hope I haven't missed anything and you aren't cursing me Xd, but I'll go over things that can go wrong on import.  Texture Shaders and Texrotators for the meshes will be explained later. Anyway, import texture first before the mesh, ok?  Click on texture and then goto mesh browser and import the mesh... ok?
Your mesh has default bubble green texture?  Usually that's no problem.  To give the mesh a texture, open texture browser and click on required mesh texture.  Next goto your mesh browser, goto your mylevel and click on the mesh that has default bubble. In the chosen static mesh box, bottom of, you'll see materials +enable collision=true etc and material=none. Open that up and where it says CLEAR, USE, click USE.  The selected material / texture should appear on the mesh replacing NONE, (after you've moved the mesh around in the mesh browser so it changes to textured that is.)
  If you haven't followed the texture import instructions and it's a mesh that has 2 materials, even 3 materials, you will eventually apply the correct textures to the right part of the mesh by trial and error. :)
EDiTED for space.
Shaders n TexRotatar tutorial inside zip file
Hope the meshes and tutorial are useful to you.  There are other other tutorials on the net giving details on making shaders and texrotators.
I look forward to playing your map!
ASnipe : thesnipe34 at gmail place-dot-here com

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