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This is the latest release with many new features, fixes and tweaks.. You do not need any previous version to use this mod, but you should m...


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This is the latest release with many new features, fixes and tweaks.. You do not need any previous version to use this mod, but you should make sure you are running the latest version of UT2004. It comes in ut4mod and straight extractable zip in case you need it. Just remember that if you intend to run a server, the ut4mod installs Ballistic in the server packages while the extractable one won't. You would have to do this manually. It is advised that you set your new controls after installing this and be sure to READ THE MANUAL before asking us how something works.

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The new version of the very well made Ballistic Weapons Mod has been released. With bug fixes and a number of changes, here is a list:

Improved impact effects for; Metal, Concrete, Dirt, Water and Wood
Improved Shotguns firing effects
Added smoking barrels for M290, MRT6 and improved M763
Added smoking M353
Added water explosion effects
Added underwater bullet tracers
Improved G5 trail
Improved explosion smoke
Improved effects when player on fire
Improved explosion Gore effects

Improved M806 sounds
Improved XK2, MRT6, M763 bass slightly
Improved A42 slightly
Improved M50 sounds
Improved M353, M75 bass slightly
Improved R78 sounds
Improved Flesh impacts and explosions sounds slightly

Added lights to team mate BX5 mines
Added 3rd person melee and grenade animations
FP9A5 lasers can now be targetted without replacing
Aiming and recoil system revised and improved
Recoil curves added
M75 Railgun thermal mode made more fair
Ballistic Gametypes; DM, CTF, ONS, etc to add dark player skins, and other improvements. The gametypes are exactly like the original, only with a few BW options
Crosshair shows accuracy properly now
All aiming and recoil properties have been changed and tweaked for the weapons
Scopes are now properly affected by aiming factors
Realtime, scalable M50 camera view added
BX5 enemy mines can now be picked up and avoided
Thrown X3 knives can now be picked up by walking over them
Hints added to the new BW gametypes
Players can now fall off ledges when crouching
Added dot at the end of the laser sight
Railgun shots can now go through terrain
Melee ranges tweaked
Rail shots damage through walls improved
Player screen moves more when moving or jumping
Weapons now cocked only on first pullout
Players can now change their Loadout gear, between waves in Invasion
Spawn Furthest implemented for BW gametypes
Best Weapon now cycles

Code Fixes:
G5 cocking and general issues fixed
A42 ammo bar not updating fixed
M763 hit nothing bug fixed
XK2 not switching if empty fixed
G5 boomerang bug fixed
Railgun issues fixed
AI bugs fixed or improved
Sprint meter appears at spawn now
Low Gore option with Bloody Hell mutator fixed
M50 camera fixes
FireMode system revised
Weapon jamming bug on cocking weapons fixed

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