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A nice but slighty complicated tool to use, Battlestats allows you to view more combat statistics during a match such as the number of times...


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A nice but slighty complicated tool to use, Battlestats allows you to view more combat statistics during a match such as the number of times you killed and were killed by a certain player. It may be a little complicated for some people, but you should get the hang of it.

Some Help :) : To activate the mutator, you have to hit the ` key or tilde key (~) (it's the same key) to open the console up and just type "battlestats" minus the parenthesis in order to activate and deactivate the mutator. Note that while the battlestats are shown, the original HUD and game information will not be shown, as in the screenshots below, so be aware of your health and armor while the battlestats are displayed.

Since you have to use the console in order to use the mutator, it is a good idea to pause the game as battlestats can be activated while the game is paused. This way, you don't get killed while trying to mess with the console.

I hope that these tips help.

Also, I have only tested the mutator with the deathmatch gametype, so I am not sure if it will work or work well with other gametypes.

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MUTATOR:  Battle Stats
GAME   :  UT2004
AUTHOR :  L7 ([email protected])
DATE   :  06/19/2005


This mutator adds a detailed battle stats display for players.  The statistics are personalized for the local player or for each client on the server.  The display can be toggled on and off with the "BattleStats" command.


Uninstall any prior versions of this mutator first.

There is an automated ut4mod package or manual zip package available.

To use the ut4mod, simply download and run the BattleStats_V4.ut4mod.  In order for this to work, you must meet the requirements (UT2004) and have the ut4mod file type properly associated with UT2004.

To perform a manual install instead, download  Extract the contents to the appropriate directories in your main UT2004 directory.

The following files are installed to your UT2004 directory:



Battle Stats uses the bAddToServerPackages value to automate this process.  This option requires the UT2004 3236 patch or higher.  If you are using an older version, you will have to manually add the server packages to your UT2004.ini file.  The UT2004.ini can be found in the System directory.

To add the server packages:
Open the UT2004.ini with a text editor.
Find the section called [Engine.GameEngine].
After the last "ServerPackages=" entry add:


To toggle the Battle Stats display, clients can use the commands "BattleStats" or "BS".

These commands can be entered into the drop-down console like this:

Hit the TILDE key <~>
Type BattleStats or BS

These commands can also be bound to keys in the User.ini file like this:


There are optional mode switches that can be appended to the BattleStats command.

1 = Crosshair Mode:  keeps the crosshair visible
2 = Debug Mode:  keeps all HUD elements visible


Using the command &quot;BattleStats 2&quot; will open the battle stats display in Debug Mode.


Battle Stats was coded and tested with the 3355 patch, but it should work with any retail UT2004 version.  Please report any issues to the e-mail address above.


06/19/2005- Version 4 compiled and tested.  Switched to using GetItemName for monster pawn opponent strings and added further checks to prevent bad opponent name strings.  Finished coding the BattleStats exec command.  This version is final, and the development files will be available under the Open Unreal Mod License.

05/25/2005- Version 3 compiled and tested.  Fixed the SuperWeapon pickup stats.  Added a minor check to fix null string opponent names and accessed nones from unmanned turrets and weapons with AI Controllers.

04/06/2005- Version 2 compiled and tested.  Performed minor code clean-up.  Prepared the development files for release under the Open Unreal Mod License.

03/26/2005- Version 1 compiled and tested.  Discovered bad code in my previous ModifyPlayer/LinkedReplicationInfo system of spawning and storing per player info.  Also, the LinkedReplicationInfo cannot be removed with a loop in NotifyLogout.  This will break the LinkedReplicationInfo chain.  Q InstaGib must be updated to Version 4 or higher fix this issue.  All my other mutators will use new code to maintain compatibility.

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