Bender 2k4

Port over of the the Ut2003 Bender Model!

This one is an all time FAV:)


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Port over of the the Ut2003 Bender Model!

This one is an all time FAV:)

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Handle: Slyrr
This model was made/animated/skinned by Greg Fisk and may not be duplicated/ripped off without the author's express written consent, etc. etc.
Bender & Futurama are (or WERE) the property of the FOX network.  This likeness may not be duplicated for commercial gain without their express written consent.

Voicepack by Rainecloud. Visit his website, 'The Voice-Shrine' at -

Special Features:
Custom animations
Custom ragdoll (You'll love his flailing limbs)
Double bones in each limb for more realistic bending
Team skins
Voice pack with Bender's best from the show.

Updated in this version:
Improved animations
Vehicle driving
Taunt sounds linked to Taunt gestures


He's loud, he's in charge, and he has "a dream to destroy all humans".  He's BENDER, the alcohol-fueled, cigar-chomping bending unit from Futurama, coming to you in Unreal Tournament 2004!  He joined the Tournaments in the days of the Liandri corporation and was so darn good at it, he's still alive today!

This model features custom animations, nearly DOUBLE the amount of bones in each limb (for bending), custom voice pack and an opening chest cavity filled with four bottles of "Bender Brau" beer - just in case he starts to get sober during a match.

I mourn the loss of Futurama - I had hoped that FOX would move it to a decent time slot, but they seemed bound and determined to kill the show for some reason.  Seriously, how could they possibly think that "Malcolm in the Middle" and "Oliver Beane" are BETTER?

Installation:  Just extract the files from the zip file to your base Unreal Tournament 2004 directory following this structure:

benderSkins.utx = UT2004/Textures
bender.ukx = UT2004/Animations
BenderVoice.u = UT2004/System
bender.upl = UT2004/System
bender.ka = UT2004/KarmaData

Attn: You no longer need to change the file to see the player's data in the selection screen.  You can insert the text into the .upl file, and this has been done.  The text however, is below just in case of an emergency....

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