Blue Noise



This map is called the Blue Noise Storage Facility. It is designed for 1 on 1 and it looks like it worked out pretty well.




Map name - DM-1on1-BlueNoise
Map Author - MrSlayer
Construction Time - Several Weeks
Custom content - No
Compatibility - UT2003/UT2004 (made in UT2003 ed) 
and a computer would be helpful also


Info: This map was made to help someone new to the
Unreal Editor 3.0. She suggested the layout, we 
each made our own versions and this is how mine
ended up. It was made for UT2003 because, at the time,
she didn't have access to UT2004. However, I checked,
and it is compatible for 2004 also.

This map didn't have an advanced beta version, and I
am very unlikely to make any changes in response to
comments made. Its here to stay...

Welcome to the Blue Noise Storage Facility. We hope
you enjoy your stay...


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