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ChaosUT2: Evolution (also known as 'ChaosUT2', or 'CUT2004') was developed by Chaotic Dreams, and is a free modification (commo...


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ChaosUT2: Evolution (also known as 'ChaosUT2', or 'CUT2004') was developed by Chaotic Dreams, and is a free modification (commonly referred to as a 'mod') of the popular retail game Unreal Tournament 2004, which was created by Epic Games and Digital Extremes.

Chaos is a mod with a very long history (at least as far as mods are concerned). The original Chaos was made for Quake2 (ChaosDM for Q2), and that version was eventually included on the retail CD called 'Extremities'. The Chaos team then moved on to Unreal Tournament and produced ChaosUT, which was later included on the retail CD released by Epic Games called the 'Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition'. The next version was for UT2003, for which Chaos received 1st place honors for Best Mutator, in Phase 1 of the MSU Contest.

And finally we come to this version, for Unreal Tournament 2004, which has every indication of becoming the biggest, funnest, and highest quality version of Chaos ever.

Chaos has been designed to be as flexible and as compatible as was reasonably possible. Which is why we have provided a 'mutator' version of our 'mod'. Simply so that Chaos can be played and enjoyed in ALL standard UT2004 game types, in addition to most custom game types, and even when combined with many other mods and/or mutators.

However, Chaos does in fact also come with it's own complete game types, each with full bot support, and each fully functional in online play. And it is important to note that some Chaos features (ie: melee weapons) are only available thru these Chaos game types, and not thru our mutator.

ChaosUT2 can perhaps be referred to as 'a mod for those who like the game they bought'. In other words, we make no attempt at a 'total conversion', something that takes possibly the greatest FPS game yet, and turns in into something completely different. That is not our vision.

What we have attempted to do, as always, is to expand the game, bring some nice variety to your play, but to do it in a way, where (hopefully) you might not even be able to so easily tell where UT2004 ends, and Chaos begins. Our goal is to make the game bigger, deeper, and maybe even better, all the while appearing almost as if it came with the game, right out of the box. By doing so, Chaos brings an entirely new feel to the game of UT2004, but does it without removing anything from the original game. Each and every weapon, item, and feature included, covering everything from custom startup menus, to complete game types, to custom quit messages, has been designed and tested to work with the latest version of UT2004.

Perhaps the heart of the mod however, are the high quality, highly addictive Chaotic weapons. The current version contains a total of 18 weapons. And while some of them were inspired by the earlier versions of our mod, each has been reengineered and rebuilt from the ground up. Eight of the weapons included are melee weapons, which come complete with their own custom animations. The melee weapons are now available in all Chaos game types, including Duel, which was created specifically for them, and which is supported by a diverse set of maps.

for those who have played Chaos before, we thank you! It is our fans that keep us alive, as a mod and a mod team. And for this we are sincerely grateful. For those who are experiencing Chaos for the 1st time... Welcome! It is our pleasure to bring this mod to you, and we hope that you enjoy yourself.

So..., let the Chaos begin!

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ChaosUT2:Evolution PR3 - Readme 

ChaosUT2: Evolution (aka 'ChaosUT2','CUT2','CUT2004'), the Chaos mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, was developed by Chaotic Dreams. 

ChaosUT2 URL: 
Chaotic Dreams URL: 

Table of Contents 

 1. Requirements 
 2. UMOD Installation 
 3. Zip Installation 
 4. Documentation
 5. Changes in PR3.01
 6. Weapons 
 7. Items & Features
 8. Cheat Commands & Keybinds
 9. Bug Reports & Feedback

1. Requirements 

ChaosUT2 PR301 requires that you have UT2004 installed, with the following addition(s); 

*The official v3204 patch

Two examples of where you can get official UT2004 files are;

*ChaosUT2:Evolution PR3.0

2. UMOD Installation 
Just run (double-click) the UT4MOD file and follow the instructions. 

Problems during UT4MOD installation 

- When I double-click the UT4Mod file, nothing happens or Explorer asks which program I want to open it with. 

Your .ut4mod file association is probably broken; that is a common problem and nothing to worry about too much. Check for ways to fix the problem. 

- I can start the UT4Mod installer, but it keeps complaining that I don't have Unreal Tournament 2004 installed. 

Assuming that you do have Unreal Tournament 2004 installed, that's just another common problem with UT4Mods. Make a backup copy of Manifest.ini in your System directory and create a new Manifest.ini with the following lines in it: 


Caption=Unreal Tournament 2004 

That'll make the UT4Mod installer rightfully believe that you do have Unreal Tournament 2004 installed. Please replace the version number with the version actually installed. After running the game at least once the version can be found in the file UT2004.log in the System directory. 

3. Zip Installation 

PC Instructions for upgrading ChaosUT2:Evolution from Public Release 3.00 to Public Release 3.01:
1. Extract the zip file to the UT2004 base folder.  If asked to overwrite, do so.
2. Delete the ChaosUT2\Players folder
3. Delete ChaosUT2.ini and ChaosUT2user.ini in the ChaosUT2\System folder

MAC Instructions for upgrading ChaosUT2:Evolution from Public Release 3.00 to Public Release 3.01:
1. Extract the zip file to the UT2004 base folder.  If asked to overwrite, do so. You can use the same Mac installer that you used for PR 3.00 for PR 3.01
2. Delete the ChaosUT2\Players folder
3. Delete ChaosUT2.ini and ChaosUT2user.ini in the ChaosUT2\System folder You can find these files in your* home folder*:Library:Application Support:Unreal Tournament 2004:ChaosUT:system: folder.

Some maps were updated, and have been positioned in the zip to overwrite the older files.  If you moved map files around or are running a server, please make sure you use the updated maps.

Note for those who have non-standard cacherecordpaths:
A new ucl is included for the map Duel-DesertGrave to fix an issue.  You can either copy the new one over from UT2004\System or delete the old one. Either method should work.

4. Documentation 

Please refer to the documentation pages provided with CUT2 PR3. 

To open the CUT2 Docs, open the startme.html in the UT2004\ChaosUT2\Help folder. For additional information, please refer to the proper section of the CUT2 website. 

5.Changes in PR3.01

Here is a partial list of the changes from 3.0 to 3.01:

 * Slight tweak to Duel so it would only use pathnodes to spawn if the map did not have enough player starts in LMS/4 man mode 
 * fixed CCTF online issue where you dont score 2 flags
 * Twaeked Duel Remove Pickup option to work with all weapon modes 
 * fix CCTF drop both flags when frozen by Mug and when grappling
 * Tweaked ChaosMelee weapons to increase the BotAI a bit
 * Tweaked Claw so that you can not drop it or use the AWO key on it once a kami move is under way 
 * Turrets can now be loaded if you don't have the right gun
 * Added ChaosTransLauncher and ChaosRecall to use for Translauncher in CCTF for dropping both flags ]
 * Added in checks to the status types to make sure the player effects (posion, napalm, ice, ect) are removed from a player if he wins in Duel
 * Added MeleeOnly option to ChaosDM, ChaosKoTH and ChaosTeamKoTh
 * Added new turret minigun sound 
 * Added some defense code for bots to make them use turrets and sleeper proxies to defend game objectives
 * Tweaked Texture turret was using for Turret Camera, they work much better and have a good fall back
 * Added two tweaks to Turretcode to make the more UT2k4RPG compatible
 * Added Melee Only option for ChaosDM 
 * Tweaked claw's groupoffset so it should not block the minelayer in onslaught, applied same tweak to ERDW and Nade launcher 
 * Tweaked grapple a bit to prevent you from entering a vehicle if your grapple was active
 * Disabled switching to spectator in Duel
 * Bots only leave an active duel round if the server is full, otherwise they leave right before the next round starts
 * Updated Turret muzzle flash 
 * Cleaned up the Settings, Mut, and Midgame GUI's 
 * Changed some option names in ChaosUT mut settings
 * Bumped up inital ammo on CPP per user feedback
 * Check box option to remove all pickups added in for Duel melee mode (note in non-melee modes the pickups are already removed)
 * Added who pushed me sensing to kick and mug air blast
 * Twaaked turrets to they play the correct fire sounds and upped the volume a bit when the turret did fire its weapon 
 * Added code in ChaosCTFHudC so that the flag location dot does not show when you have the flag
 * Added background images to default properties of loading class
 * Tweaked mug ice to not effect teammates, and tweaked the texture overlay so it displays better 
 * Tweaked the way min players and max players are handled in Duel games.. so they user has some leeway (min players has to be at least 2, max at most 8 still) 
 * Added in bot number checking for LMS duels to keep at least 2 people in the game if people quit
 * Added a frozen texture to the HUD to make it a bit easier to tell when you actually have been frozen 
 * Fixed Crossbow bolt head size not matching right 1]
 * Cutter blades now actually spin as they fly
 * Tweaked how the turrets die and/or self destruct to ensure they spawn the gibs and do a small explosion (when they self destruct there is a small tweak to the texture so you see it going "haywire") 
 * Removed Flak sounds from Claw fire (now they will play the "laser sound" for all but proxies)
 * Fixed second death weapon not spawning if you were using daggers and died in duel 
 * Tweaked Melee weapons so that when they hit the turret they don't play the normal pawn "flesh" sounds
 * Fixed issue where "dead" players had the poison effects 
 * Added a more blatant indicator to the Flag Finder of the sniper rifle scope and also increased its range 
 * Fixed the long name of the medals from overlapping score
 * Limited Spectating in Duel, can't spectate if an active participant 
 * Consolidated ChaosUT options into a single page
 * Created new array for our backgrounds - no more getting custom ones from the regular User.ini
 * Added Chaos Weapon Arena - like regular Arena but it also supports alternate ammo weapons
 * Duel: Removed OUT that appeared instead of victories from scoreboard
 * Duel: MidgameMenu waits until it can find GRI before it opens. This is so the message talks about the right mode 
 * Duel: Will create as many bots as needed to fill the game mode's numbers at the beginning of each round 
 * Duel: Will use pathnodes if there aren't enough start points in 4-way
 * Added improved Next/PrevWeapon code to combat switching loops
 * Added bOnlyShowOfficial(maps)=False to the DefUser.ini 
 * Fixed issue with Claw2 Firing sounds in on-line games
 * Extended turret placement rules to cover all GameObjectives so they wont be placed too close to dom points, AS obejectives Jb Release switches ect 
 * Added a fix for CCTF flag drop bug, so that the flags will return to the nearest pathnode and not get stuck like in Bridge    of Fate
 * Made new base HUD for Chaos game types, all have code for displaying melee stance in ammo bar
 * Upgraded ChaosDM ending scoreboard 
 * Fixed game menu code that was forcing bots to always be set to Specify Number
 * StartChaos.bat added to root \ChaosUT2\ 
 * Prevented Kami in duel as well as it lead to cases where you could still survie it when you started it 
 * Swapped backgrounds so that the CUT2logo back ground and the proxy background change placed from where they are in PR3 which made server browers much more readable
 * Added fix to prevent being stuck in 3rd mode after you swtich to a "standard weapon" in Chaos games when your a client on a listen server  * tweaked ChaosUT mut so it would not cause a crash on Weaponlocker swaping when used with the UT2k4RPG mod 

There were other things that we left out to keep this list smaller (like removing ANs in logs, text tweaks, etc).

6. Weapons in PR3.01 

Chaos Pulse Pistol ( aka CPP )
Crossbow - w/ normal, poison, flaming, and explosive arrows 
Chaos Grenade Launcher - w/ normal, poison, flash, and napalm grenades 
The Claw2 - fires Laser Trip Mines, Proxy Mines, & Needlers 
The ChaosUT Tactically Enhanced Ripper - ( aka the C.U.T.T.E.R. )
Multi-purpose Utility Gun ( aka the MUG ) - fires fire/ice/air 
Enhanced Rail Delivery Weapon ( aka ERDW ) 
The Chaos Sniper Rifle v2 - w/ normal and Rocket Propelled Bullets 
Gravity Vortex Launcher
The Chaos Turrets - large and small, with rockets & bullets for ammo 

Melee Weapons (for Chaos Game Types Only): 
Long Tooth Daggers 
Long Axe 
Double Axe 
Bastard Sword 
War Hammer 

7. Items & Features in PR3.01 

King Of The Hill game type ( aka KOTH ) 
Chaos Duel game type
Chaos CTF - supports both vehicle and non-vehicle maps
Chaos DM 
Grappling Hook 
Anti Gravity Belt 
Kamikaze - It has returned!
DM Medals - special awards at the end of each ChaosDM match 
Chaos Armor Shards 
Jump Boots 
the Kick - ability to kick players and objects 
Spray Paint feature 
Low-health Heart Beat Sounds 
Lens-flare effect - on maps with Sunlight Actor 
Remote WebAdmin access to Chaos configs 
CUT2 Menus/Config Screens 
CUT2 News Tab in menu - regular updates from the Chaos team, right from inside your game! 

8. Cheat Commands & Keybinds

If you would like to use a cheat command offline to instantly give yourself all the Chaos weapons at once, you may use these (one for 'normal' Chaos weapons, and one for melee):

mutate madfragger

mutate meleefragger

The Chaos keybinds can be changed thru the GUI after installation, but if you would like to use the default keys just to see how everything works, they are as follows:

Alt=Grappling Hook
B=Anti-Gravity Belt On/Off
G=the Kick
H=Grappling Hook Up/Down
X=Advanced Weapon Option
Y=Drop Flag(s)
Z=Change Ammo / Melee Stance

9. Bug Reports & Feedback 

Please direct all bug reports and/or comments to the forums available at the ChaosUT2 website. 

The Chaos Team thanks you for trying our mod.

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