Copper Head

Stealthy Killer for your fraggin pleasure!


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Stealthy Killer for your fraggin pleasure!

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May 5, 2004
Player Name             : Copperhead

Author                  : MonkeyBlitch

Email Address           :

Description             : Thanks for downloading my first skin for UT2k4. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it and look out for some more skins to come.



Unzip the listed files to the UT2004 directory:


If you want a bio text you can add one to the bottom of the '' file in the 'UT2004/System' folder (This is optional, and will work without it).


Copperhead="Name:  Copperhead|Age:   35|Race:   Human||Data:|Once in the Special Forces, Copperhead still desires a weapon on hand and theres no better way to show his skills than the tournaments.

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