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This package has mutators which add crotch shot capability to the lightning gun, sniper rifle, and super shock rifle. A crotch shot, natura...


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This package has mutators which add crotch shot capability to the lightning gun, sniper rifle, and super shock rifle. A crotch shot, naturally, has devastating results for the recipient. Three crotch shots without dying will make you a Crotch Master. Five crotch shots without dying, and you will achieve Crotch Domination!

Featured Mutators:

MutCrotchShotPro: Adds crotch shot capability to any lightning guns or sniper rifles. This is the mutator to use if you want to add crotch shots to lightning guns or sniper rifles that already exist in the map.

MutCrotchLightningGuns: Replaces all sniper rifles with crotch shot enabled lightning guns. This is the crotch shot version of the standard Use Lightning mutator.

MutCrotchSniperRifles: Replaces all lightning guns with crotch shot enabled sniper rifles. This is the crotch shot version of the standard Use Sniper mutator.

MutCrotchArena: Replaces all weapons with a crotch shot enabled weapon. This is the crotch shot version of the standard Arena mutator. You can select crotch shot enabled lightning guns or sniper rifles to use in the arena match.

MutCrotchstaGib: Instant-kill combat with modified shock rifles. This is the crotch shot version of the standard InstaGib mutator. Head shots are also enabled by this mutator, and zoom is a configurable option.

MutCrotchShotUpKick: Adds extra upkick to ragdolls from fatal crotch shots. This mutator is a companion for any of the crotch shot weapon mutators. It basically determines how high players jump when they die from a crotch shot.


- Created specific crotch shot versions of the lightning gun, sniper rifle, and super shock rifles and crotch shot damage types for each new weapon. - Created crotch shot versions of all the standard mutators in the Arena group. - Added head shot code to the super shock rifles and created the corresponding head shot damage types. - Created a separate add-on mutator for crotch shot death upkick. - Switched the crotch shot checks to use the RootBone location and animation prediction like standard head shots.

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PACKAGE:  Crotch Shot Pro
GAME   :  UT2004
AUTHORS:  L7 (L7 AT noobed DOT com), Bobby Sands (peterparker AT noobed DOT com)
DATE   :  06/28/2005


This package is based on CrotchShot v1.00 for UT written by endgame00 and nubneck.  The announcer sounds were done by nubneck.


There is an automated ut4mod package or manual zip package available.

To use the ut4mod, simply download and run the CrotchShotPro_V3.ut4mod.  In order for this to work, you must meet the requirements (UT2004) and have the ut4mod file type properly associated with UT2004.

To perform a manual install instead, download  Extract the contents to the appropriate directories in your main UT2004 directory.

The following files are installed to your UT2004 directory:



Crotch Shot Pro uses the bAddToServerPackages value to automate this process.  This option requires the UT2004 3236 patch or higher.  If you are using an older version, you will have to manually add the server packages to your UT2004.ini file.  The UT2004.ini can be found in the System directory.

To add the server packages:
Open the UT2004.ini with a text editor.
Find the section called [Engine.GameEngine].
After the last 'ServerPackages=' entry add:


All settings can be found on each mutator's GUI configuration page.  The following is a brief description of each setting in each mutator:


Arena Weapon:  Determines which crotch shot enabled weapon will be used in the arena match.  There are two choices- lightning guns or sniper rifles.


Add Translocator:  Players get a translocator in their inventory.  Same as standard InstaGib.

Teammate Boosting:  Teammates get a big boost when shot.  Same as standard InstaGib.

Zoom:  Players get a zoom shock rifle.  This enables the same zoom that is in standard Zoom InstaGib.

Adrenaline Pickups:  Leaves adrenaline pickups in the map.  Since InstaGib servers usually have adrenaline combos enabled, you can choose to keep adrenaline pickups.


Death UpKick:  Sets the additional upkick applied to ragdolls from fatal crotch shots.  The higher this is, the higher they'll fly.

In certain cases, dedicated servers may not have access to the GUI mutator configuration page.  In these cases, WebAdmin can be used.  The settings for all mutators will be located in the WebAdmin 'Crotch Shot Pro' group.  You can also change your settings by directly editing the CrotchShotPro.ini file.  It will be located in the System directory.

Here is a description of the CrotchShotPro.ini:

//String: the alternative is CrotchShotPro_V3.CrotchSniperRifle

bTranslocator=False  //Boolean: True or False
bBoost=False         //Boolean: True or False
bZoom=True           //Boolean: True or False
bAdrenaline=False    //Boolean: True or False

DeathUpKick=150  //Integer: Range: 0 to 500


Crotch Shot Pro was coded and tested with the 3355 patch, but it should work with any retail UT2004 version.  Please report any issues to the e-mail addresses listed above.


06/15/2005- Version 2 compiled and tested.  Sands- changed CrotchRadius to 7.5, moved CrotchLoc forward and slightly down relative to the model's location.

06/13/2005- Version 1 compiled and tested.

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