CTF Chasm

This is based off a UT 99 map of the same name. Don't expect a pretty map, expect functionality.


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This is based off a UT 99 map of the same name. Don't expect a pretty map, expect functionality.

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CTF-Chasm--Unreal Tournament 2004
Mad Cow + The T3rminat0r
version 1


--------Put CTF-Chasm.ut2 into your c:/UT2004/MAPS folder.

	If it isn't installed, you will get a runtime error and crash to the desktop
	upon loading.
	Extract ripjackv1.2 and install as per the creator's readme.

	ripjackAnim -> \Animations
	ripjackSounds -> \Sounds
	ripjackSM -> \StaticMeshes
	Ripjack.u & Ripjack.ucl -> \System
	ripjackTex -> \Textures

	Thanks to Radiosity for bringing back the best UT gun for 2004.

Version History:
	(There is no logic to these numbers, so don't complain)

--------V .1	Terrain done by The T3rminat0r
--------V .25	BSP Mappage done by Mad Cow, as well as meshes, weapons placement,
		elevators, skyboxing, etc.
--------V .5	The T3rnimat0r slaved away over a hot keyboard adding over 1600 bot
		pathing nodes.
--------V .75   Zone Portals made for optimization, some bugs presented themselves.
		Deal with it; you may not even notice.
--------V 1	Finally textures done by Mad Cow!  They're not the best, but better
		this than playing with green bubbles on your walls, eh?

Known Bugs:
--------Bots will sometimes get stuck leaving the flag buildings.  Happens more often
	on the red side.  I think it adds a little human error factor to the bots, eh?
--------Bots also like to fall off the sniper tower elevator sometimes.  But then again,
	so do I.
--------Some textures may disappear when looking through a door at just the right angle.
	It's a side effect of the zone portals.
--------That's all I noticed, so foff.

To dos (maybe):
--------Switch from ambient lighting to actual light sources.  Can't gurantee that will
--------Flashier bases:  Logos, lights, flags and such.
--------Maybe some rubble next to the holes in the walls.  Just for a touch of realism.
--------A VCTF version would be nice.  Look forward to seeing the middle ruined building
	disappearing for that.

Bitching and Moaning:
--------Why can't I snipe across the map?
----------------Because.  How would you like it if you kept getting killed whenever you
		stepped outside? That's why it's limited to your team's side only.
--------This looks like shit.  Fix it.
--------This doesn't look like the original Chasm!
----------------No kidding?  Holy fuck, that got by me!
--------There's too many weapons, could you tone it down a bit?
----------------Nope.  I like weapons.  Only pussies complain about too many weapons.

Anything I missed? Then visit:
				IF you're manly enough.

--------Me (Mad Cow)
--------Generic Name Man. . .er. . .The T3rminat0r. . .
--------The maker of the original Chasm, Botman.
--------Radiosity for the Ripjack.

Legal stuff?
--------I honestly don't give a flying fuck about what you do with this.  However, give
	credit where credit's due, eh?  And if you do decide to make it look better,
	or do anything along the lines of editing, email me at: 
--------If you sell this for cash and I find out, I will be incredibly pissed.  I might
	even TP your house.

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