Epic battlefields can make all the difference in CTF, and this is no exception. Two temples, two elements, and a wide battlefield seperating...


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Epic battlefields can make all the difference in CTF, and this is no exception. Two temples, two elements, and a wide battlefield seperating them.

The main battle area consists of a wide area with grassland and small lakes. Bridges lead over the water to aid in navigation from one side of the map to the other. Each base has a different (yet simple) layout based around their individual elements (fire and water). If you try leaving the map, you'll be hurt until you either die or move back into the designated combat zone.

That's really all there is to it. This map is pretty simple, yet at the same time looks good and has engaging gameplay.

~ Kouen

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Map.
Created by David R. Green.
Map, Design, and Custom Content Copyright ©2006 David R. Green, all rights reserved.

Map Game Type: CTF (Capture the Flag).
Player Count:  4 to 16.
Requires the Unreal Tournament Editor's Choice Edition (ECE) Bonus Pack 1.1 or Retail Game Package.
The ECE is a free download from Epic, and everyone should have it installed.
Your Unreal Tournament 2004 should also be updated to the latest build (build 3369 at the time of this map).

Visit DGUnreal on the Internet at www.lilchips.com/dgunreal
See our web site for more of our maps and the latest news on the DGUnreal team.
Also see our web site for our full Map Readme and License information, including limitation of content use.

Map Information

This map is using a large outdoor theme with plenty of custom staticmeshes.
A large number of Unreal Engine effects are used, including custom scripts.
The terrain was algorithmically created using multiple applications including custom software developed by David R. Green of the DGUnreal team.

All custom resources are contained within the map file, so simply copy the .ut2 file to your UT2004 Maps folder.
A custom Music file is included, and should be copied to the UT2004 Music folder.

The goal was to provide a very vivid atmosphere while maintaining a respectable framerate.

Testing was performed with multiple resolutions, the software renderer, and with our LAN UT Server.
The DGUnreal Team Development and Testing computers include various single and dual Intel processor systems, Intel motherboards, and ATI video adapters.

Credits and thanks to:

Epic and the Unreal Engine.
Unreal Tournament 2004 and ECE content packages by the various Epic Game developers.
Sounds and Textures from Unreal II by Epic Games Inc., modified by David R. Green.
The music was taken from Unreal II by Epic Games Inc.

Most of the custom content was created directly by myself or modified from Epic content.

Thanks to the DGUnreal map beta testers, the Epic Forums, and other UT Mapper friends.

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