A remake of the classic Q3-CTF4 map! What else needs to be said? Well, maybe, except for that it's...

Completely different. Yes, the scaling had it's impact... Alongside with different physics, weapons, gameplay, visuals and pretty much everything else, but, on the overall, it's still a kamikaze-run from one side to the other: no cover, defense...

The pace and coordination are your best friends while in there - one wrong step and you'll find yourself falling to your death, unable to reach a few vital inches to a piece of solid ground - right alongside with any bots that happen to be nearby, which seem to consider cliff-jumping to be the most joyful of all activities.

~ Draco

*NOTE* This is identical to the BR-Freefall map, however this version designed for the Capture The Flag gametype.



CTF conversion of BR-Freefall.. That's right I edited the readme from the BR version.
So sue me.... No seriously dont!

Anyway I know none of you read these.. so here's an even quicker summary.
CTF map quicker paced than BR version.  Probably quicker than original Q3 version.
How I made this possible I don't know, but the bots seem to like kicking my ass!!

I mean honestly I thought the bots were intelligent before.. I barely got a look in,
well other than turning around to get a trillion volts of electricity in my face.

Anyway back to the copied Readme..

Map Name: Freefall
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Author: James 'Divintiy' Bassenger
Original Creation Date/Inception: April 2004
Map Completion Date: June 2004 CTF conversion from BR November 2006
Release Date: November 2006
Reason: I'm lazy

Installation Details:
If you don't know by now then here it is again..
copy *.ut2 file to X:\UT2004\Maps\ where X: is your install drive (generally C:)
Load up UT2004, select instant action, bombing run, locate BR-Freefall in list
Set settings to your preferences, set bots to Adept, cos you want to die dont u?
P.S. seriously don't underestimate these bots... I honestly don't know how i managed
to map them so intelligently.  I dont just suck damn it I really dont *sniff*
Bots will transloc own your ass :D (OK they do like to lemming some times.. but dont
all bots enjoy a good lemming cliff diving? it's like some crazy addiciton to them)


Map details:
CTF map based on old Quake3 CTF map by which name i cannot remember as it was
so long ago... that and they used stupid numbering techniques!!

Two base platforms, two armoury pads, lots of jump pads, and a central bombing run
platform make for intense quick bombing run play.  Find the secret high dive platform
for that extra fun splat!

Only thing you need to note is you need a decent PC to run this.  I'm sure by 2006
(well almost 2007 now) you must all have one by now.  If not what are you intent
on playing UT2007 on?
When this map was created a GF3 TI500 Athlon 1800, 512mb RAM just about survived
running this beast.  Also partially the reason I never released it.. you may not
believe it but this map is optimised as best as can be other than using fog.
You try frame rate limiting an open space map without the bots ASMD sniping you!!

Final Notes:
As you may have guessed I pretty much suck at writing readme's.  So if you have
any complaints about my writing style... who gives a damn I mean i'm quite
impressed you managed to read this far down anyway.

The Copyright Bit:
Please insert copyright information of your choosing here.  Remember sharing
data over the internet is illegal and you will be hunted down and
prosecuted for being a burden on society!!! Please do the correct thing and
purchase everything, imagine it like they dropped the soap in the shower,
that's right, please be taken advantage of fully!  If you live in the EU,
please wait an extra 6mths to a year and we will be around with the soap
shortly.. and when we do we would like to charge you an excess for being
so damn nice and patient!
Your gullibility is appreciated.

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