CTF Gralada

Deep in the mountains of Granica, two miles north of Argento del Alma, lies the isolated geothermal facility Gralada, operating with minimal...


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Deep in the mountains of Granica, two miles north of Argento del Alma, lies the isolated geothermal facility Gralada, operating with minimal human intervention under the supervision of a program known as The Priestess. Housed in metallic statues, The Priestess has been rumored by visiting engineers to send cries for freedom echoing through the plant's empty passages. Thankless as it is, however, the Priestess is unswerving in her task of maintaining Gralada's perpetually producing power.

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------------File Information------------------------------------------ 09/06/2005 --------- 
 Title                   : Gralada
 Game                    : Unreal Tournament 2004
 Game Type               : CTF
 Filename                : CTF-Gralada
 Level Author            : Rogelio "Desperado#2" Rogelio 
 Music Author            : Makers of Dot Hack Sign anime.

 Homepage                : http://onlinewarriors.beyondunreal.com/
 Email Address           : desperado@bluesakura.net

 Description             : A CTF with two bases and cave in the middle  



 * Unzip Gralada.ut2 to your UT2004/Maps directory.
 * Unzip all Utx to your UT2004/Textures directory. 

 * Unzip all usx to your UT2004/Staticmeshes directory. 

 * Unzip all ogg to your UT2004/Music directory. Go play.   

------------Information----- ---------
 Single Player       : No
 Deathmatch          : No
 Capture the Flag    : Yes
 Double Domination   : No
 Bombing Run	     : No

 New Textures		: Yes
 New Sounds		: No
 New Static Meshes	: Yes
 New Music		: Yes 

 Build Time     : Alot of time...
 Ideal Number of Players     : 6-18


If your having FPS problems you can take of coronas and lower the world detail this will make it playable.

------------Other Releases------------------

Check my website :)

------------Special Thanks------------------

-Epic and IFG/Atari

Beta testers or people who helped out (IFG fourm aliases)

DimensionSeven, NotoriousBIC, Wowbagger, CTFX1,
MADac0da, Grimmen, PointlesS, Chemix, Richyb, pshift,
Sjosz, Heisher, AnubanUT2,Iceboy2003, meKilgore, Radeon285,
m0zi, Oreo, Bobfungus, Homeslice,but_faktree

DarkSaber- For helping get rid of a animation file in my map so the map would startup again.

Brain Trepaning- For helping get an animation in my map.

Who ever I missed sorry :| if I missed any..

oh yeah :)

-My paret “Chico” When in long 
rebuilds of the map I go and play with him.  
It is a cool bird. It can say it's own name, laugh, 
and scream like hell!  He is only 4 years old about 
and he is very smart… I wonder how far his speech 
can go… Just seeing if anybody reads this since 
I really do not think so :)


Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Rogelio Olguin

CTF-Gralada is NOT to be distributed in any form unless 
I have given permission to do so. Please e-mail me if you 
wish to add this to a magazine CD, mod, game, or anything.  
Feel free to ask me for permission.

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