This is the first map of mine that combined the real effort of 2 mappers. I came up with the original idea, and had drawn up a few things...


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This is the first map of mine that combined the real effort of 2 mappers. I came up with the original idea, and had drawn up a few things for it when I got an E-mail from NaliCity's Kantham.

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Download 'ctfrange.zip' (3.96MB)


Map: Range     
Author: Xiphon     
Bot Support: Yes    
Gametype: Capture The Flag    
Map number: 17 (Not counting updated Versions) 
Size: Medium     
Build Time: couple weeks
Current Project(s): DM-Solitude  

More Ideas: (note: these ideas may never come to be, they are like it says, 
good ideas that I still have yet to build apon):


Take the map (The one that looks like an unreal tournament logo)
and place it in your maps directory wherever you saved the game.
It should appear automatically in your Capture the flag maplists.


Thanks for downloading my map!


This is the first map of mine that combined the real effort of 2 mappers. I came up with the 
original idea, and had drawn up a few things for it when I got an E-mail from NaliCity's Kantham. 
After a very short time, I ended up on his MSN list and we threw some comments back and forth that 
were unrelated to this map. At one point, Kantham mentioned Bryce being an excellent tool to make 
skyboxes. This is what got things rolling really. He taught me how to make those custom skyboxes 
with Bryce, and the map started snowballing from there. Soon enough, after a couple beta tests, 
he worked up that wonderful cloud effect for around the bottom of the mountains. Kantham really 
helped out with a lot of the special effects, but it wasn't a total group effort. He had his 
own map to work on, but this still holds precedence as my first map with any amount of imput 
from other mappers.

If you want to join in, just come to my server during a beta test. The IP address is:

You'll know a beta test when you see it, since the map name will alwayse include the 
word BETA at the end.

1 for a screenshot good enough to get onto the preview
3 points for a screenshot that is used as the main level preview
2 points for a screenshot that is used as the secondary level preview



I am now hosting screenshot contests during beta testing. If your screenshot(s) win, they are put 
into the level preview, and your name goes into the credits. During these beta tests, you can submit 
more than 1 screenshot, and there is only 1 rule, that the screenshot is of the level itself with no 
computerized distortion. There can be up to 5 winners. 
Also, I take my own screenshots to, but I cannot be named a winner.



1: Alwayse beta maps untill they are perfect, than release them.

2: Keep your map balanced! If you put a super secret area in your map for 
any reason, keep in mind that somebody out there will find it, and once they do, 
everyone will know where it is. Thus ruining the secret, and usually the map.

3: Don't just pass off glitches and graphical errors with the statement 
"nobody will notice" because NaliCity will.

4: Alwayse try to make the world seem to look bigger than it really is. 
Well designed skyboxes and blocked off passages that lead onto uknown areas will leave 
people with a sense of realism, wanting to explore. 
(when I say make things look bigger, I don't mean scaling the static meshes up)

5: Saturate your level with sounds, and a good variety of them. 
You will notice that everything tends to make noise or have noise around it in real life. 
If you try for the same than your map will have more realism and atmosphere. 
(Good examples of this are DM-Faust and DM-Despair) Levels with good ambient sound won't need music 

6: Save everything to my level

7: Custome files aren't all they are cracked up to be. 
1 or 2 custom meshes and textures is all you really need to make an original theme, 
UnrealEd has a very good variety of files for you. Besides, maps with lots of custom 
data = long dl which nobody likes. And I don't think that the majority of the population bother to dl 
the map from outside the game, which means they are using the slow servers to do it. 
Trust me, the smaller file size, the better.

8: People love new ideas. Don't make an industrial map unless it has some sort of new spin.

9: Some people like maps that are difficult to survive, but most people find it 
annoying. Though I love these, I've learned to get rid of a lot of traps and pitfalls 
that could otherwise bog people down. (I know, I know, they can be fun and make the 
maps very unique, but people would rather kill other players, rather than have their 
opponents be smashed, drowned, or dropped).

10: Terrain is really an easy thing to do. And it looks good. 
Read tutorials on how to make good terrain, because it really puts a wonderful touch into any map.

11: Don't underestimate the power of lighting and detail! Although most of it has no effect on 
gameplay itself, it adds to realism, and realism adds to general map fun. When a map is so 
realistic that we can feel ourselves there, that is when you've accomplished something fantastic, 
especially if the setting is really unreal. I know a lot of people who would argue this point, 
but good graphics never hurt, and in an age where graphics are taking over gameplay, why not 
swing things back with both graphics and game?

12: Music is overated. There's a lot of players who even turn it off in-game. 
But it can also really help the mood of a map. The best thing to do is have 
moderately excellent music for your map, and a fresh coating of ambience, so people of 
both sides are happy.

13: Theme is not something a lot of people take into account. Alwayse try to come up with a 
good theme for your map before hand. Is it tropical? Arctic? Industrial? 
If you pick this and stick with it, than the map on the whole will be better. 
Nobody likes the shock of being in a tropical jungle and than being thrust into 
an arctic position in an instant, unless that is your theme. (DM-Nightmare...)

14: There are millions of gamers out there, almost as many as there are people on this planet, 
and they all have their own play styles. If you really want a popular map, make one that suits 
more than one playstyle. Good Examples of PlayStyles are basically, the way a gamer enjoys him 
or herself in a map, weather it be sniping, hunting and stealth, or close quarters.

15: Alwayse pay your friggin bills on time! and don't forget turn signals... 

OTHER MAPS BY ME (in order of their completion):

Season 1:


Season 2:

X versions:


Unreal Resident Evil:

This is a mod that I was fortunate enough to become a part of as one of the mappers. 
It's a lot of fun to work on, I get to reveal my evil side of mapping! It will have multiplayer 
features, but it is a survival horror themed mod, so don't expect an easy time at it.
I'll keep updates posted in my readme's about it's progress. For now, here's a link you can also 
check out:




Epic 		: The game
Xiphon		: Original Concept and the build of the level.
Kantham		: The clouds around the bottom and a nice 
		  lesson on custom skyboxes
RougeAgent	: Continued beta testing with or without me on the server with him to see it.
Clan UA and CH  : for their continued Inspiration and support.

1st place:	Serphix (4 points)
2nd place:	Rouge Agent (1 Point)



Want to join a CTF/ONS clan? (and just about everything else) I've been with UA for a long while now, 
and its a good place. Go to www.Clan-UA.com and post in the recruitment forum!
(This message was not forced here by my clan, I put it here on my own will because 
I like the clan that much.)
We have our own server as well!



I also entertain with animated cartoons on Newgrounds.com, under the name of GandoofTheWise. 
Check it out if you have time!

My current movies are:

House On Happy Hill
Pirates In Space
2 Hours Early
How Casey Stole Christmas

I'm working on:

The Converters
House On Happy Hill Reloaded



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