The design of the level is simple in it's basics, being a series of Subtracted BSP Cubes, making corridors and rooms, this gave me the free...


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The design of the level is simple in it's basics, being a series of Subtracted BSP Cubes, making corridors and rooms, this gave me the freedom to include a lot of detail as I could zone off areas easily and frequently. Unlike the IMAX, the optimisation of RvT was built into the design itself.

Apart from two of the three statues in the level, the music, the code, the skybox and a small number of textures, I am solely responsible for everything in CTF-RvT.

---- Play Information: |- New Sounds: Yes |- New Static Meshes: Yes |- New Textures: Yes |- New Graphics: Yes |- New Music: Yes

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--- Author / File  Information =======================================================

Title		: Rock vs Techno
Version		: 1.00
Release Date	: August|14|2004
Filename		: RvT.rar
Author		: jason 'ValHallen' Brown
Email Address	: valhallen AT maxnet DOT co DOT nz
Web Page	: http://valhalla.kno3productions.com/artifice/rvt.html

--- Installation Information =======================================================

In the RAR file, the files needed for play are in subdirectories that correspond to the subdirectories in your UT2004 folder.
Unpack from the RAR into the corresponding folder in your UT directory.

Description --------------------------------------------------------|

An ancient rivalry. Synth vs Strings, Man vs Machine, Smoke vs Strobe ... Rock vs Techno.

Known bugs --------------------------------------------------------|

None, so far ...

Special Thanks to:

Testing Thanks to:

---  Construction ======================================================================

Editor(s) used ------------------------------------------------------|

Maya 5
Photoshop 7
UED 3.0 (3204/3236/3270)

Base ----------------------------------------------------------------|

Build from Scratch

Construction Time       : 8 months

---  Modification ======================================================================

To insert your own ambient music, use the following method:

1. Choose you songs - 6 for Rock, 6 for Techno, 5 for Disco Cloister and 4 for QuakeCrypts

2. Convert the songs to .ogg format

3. Rename the ogg files to:
	rock01.ogg - rock06.ogg
	techno01.ogg - techno06.ogg

4. Copy the renamed files into your \ut2004\music\ folder

5. Enjoy

Copyright / Permissions

CTF-RvT is copyrighted 2004 (c) by Jason Brown.

Authors may NOT modify CTF-RvT, or other files contained within this RvT.rar release package without EXPLICIT written permission from Jason at valhallen AT maxnet DOT co DOT nz.

Selected Assets within CTF-RvT are freely available for non-commercial use, see http://valhalla.kno3productions.com/artifice/assets.html for permitted files.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit CTF-RvT, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission!

To the best of our knowledge, all music tracks included with CTF-RVT (release 1) are free-for-use and public domain.  If this is not the case, please get in touch with Jason (valhallen AT maxnet DOT co DOT nz) and I will happily remove them.


Quake is a registered trademark of id software.
Unreal Tournament (c)2000 Epic Games Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Unreal Tournament and the Unreal Tournament logo are registered trademarks of Epic Games Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.


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