Savo Island, a real island and one of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean, was one of the many islands in Indonesia involved in the Sec...


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Savo Island, a real island and one of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean, was one of the many islands in Indonesia involved in the Second World War. It was all part of the Japanese offensive during 1941 and 1942. After the attack on Pearl Harbour and Midway, the Japanese moved onto the Solomon Islands, the main battle being at Guadalcanal.

From this, the Commandos 2 (C2) (a strategy/stealth game) scenario was made, where the Commandos had to land on Savo Island and destroy the powerful cannons that the Japanese had built on it. It was one of my favourite scenarios, partly because the level was visually fantastic, and this drew me to making a UT2003/UT2004 version of it.

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Download 'ctfsavoisland.zip' (3.32MB)

== CTF-SavoIsland ==
== by Will 'ZedMaestro' Zeal ==

Extract the files to your UT2004 folder, and the files will go where they belong.

== Map Statistics ==
Buid Time: 		Around 3 months.
Base: 			None, built from scratch.
Textures: 		The level preview sequence!
Static Meshes: 		No new static meshes. Plenty skinned though!
Script: 		No new script.
Sounds: 		No new sounds; Water FX and Outdoor Ambience.
Music: 			No new music; KR-Serenity.ogg

== Features ==
* An real island with real historical background and importance.
* Remnants of the war, from turret wrecks to fallen trees, add to the historical effect.
* A non-symetrical map; one of the design aims.
* Smooth grassy terrain, sandy beaches, clear waters, blue sky, lush vegetation, flowing rivers and waterfalls, and rocky       outcrops all make the map an island paradise.
* Excellent bot support, including tough defence positions and freelance support.
* Multiple attack paths only increase the action... and the frustration.
* The Onslaught Grenade Launcher has crept into the map!
* Tactical pickup placement encourages movement around all areas of the map.
* Birds-eye view map included in zip package to aid in getting to know the complex structure of the map... and working out
  the best attack routes! (Although there are chevrons in the map too).
* A request from testing, the DM-Antalus giant talons stand over the center of the map, aiding as a visual landmark from   almost anywhere on the map.

== Known Bugs ==
* A very rare thing that sometimes happens involves the bots and the lift in the bunkers. If too many try to go up at the       same time while another is trying to come down, pandamonium breaks loose, with bots not knowing what to do. They do give up   after a while though, clearing the way.
* I notice plenty of sluggish performance on my PC, but as far as I know it plays really well on PCs with 64MB of solid         graphics memory. Low-CPU machines may struggle, regardless of graphics memory, due to the relatively large number of          'antiportals' (which aid optimisation but require CPU to do so). Sorry, there's not much I can do about this. Since the   map's initial optimisation, optimisation has been grately improved.
* There are 2 missing resources in SavoIsland. This is due to texture pack name changes from UT2003 to UT2004 by the looks of   things. It doesnt appear to affect the map in any way, so nevermind.
* There are also 4 TexPanner/Oscillator log warnings... no idea what they're on about, and again since they dont appear to      affect the map, nevermind.

== Credits ==
The following people grately assisted in the creation of this map, and I thank them for their time and help:
* Testers:	TrueBlood
		Teddie 'Teddabod' Tapawan
		Rachel 'AngelMapper' Cordone
Thank you!

== Legal ==
* CTF-SavoIsland may not be used as a base for new maps without the author's consent.
* The CTF-SavoIsland.ut4mod package must be distributed freely for non-commercial use. Commercial use requires the author's   consent.
* Contact zedmaestro AT aol DOT com to give feedback or ask questions.


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