CTF Skyliner X1

The author converted the map Bombing Run (Skyline) to his favorite favorite game type - Capture The Flag.


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The author converted the map Bombing Run (Skyline) to his favorite favorite game type - Capture The Flag.

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Download 'ctfskylinerx1.zip' (1.71MB)

CTF-Skyline(RX1) - Original Author Lee Perry - Modified by RazorX 10/12/2005


Unzip to your Unreal Tournament 2004 directory.  It is set to extract into the map folder.  You can also use UT2004mi.  I tested it.

Creation - I was looking for a CTF version of Skyline, but was unsuccessful.  While learning about map making with UnrealEd 3.0, I decided to combine one of my favorite maps from Bombing Run (Skyline) and convert it to my favorite game type - Capture The Flag.  I take no credit for this map, only the game-type conversion.  I know that you can use a mutator to play this map in CTF easily, but it is a hassle and I wanted it to be in the CTF map list.  I hope that it is ok to do this.  I can't wait to see how this map will look and play in UT2007.

What I did:

1.  Redesign the bot paths.  I started from scratch and try to keep the number of path nodes down to a minimum.

2.  Place items and weapons at different locations.

3.  Added two more teleporters.  Repair the old teleporter which lead to a secret room and move the entrance to a different location.

4.  Convert the map to Capture the Flag game-type.  Now I don't have to use the mutator to play this map and it can be part of my CTF map list without any hassle.  Yes!!!

What's missing:

1.  Redeemer - Not sure where to put it.  Don't really need it, I don't think.

2.  AI scripts for defending I guess.  I'm in the process of learning this, but it plays good without it.

3.  Assault paths - Still learning.  The bots do take different paths without them, so I don't think the map needs them for now.

What problem are still there:

1.  Problem from original - Bots get stuck to the side of the building when they fall out.  They are not smart enough to get back and the other bots can't see them to shoot them off.

2.  Problem from original - The long jump back to the base while carrying the flag, the bots sometime fall short and die for no reason.

3.  Bots sometime get stuck in a repeating teleporting state while using the translocator.  Not sure was it an old problem or something I did or didn't do.

Beside these problems, it play pretty well.  Have fun.

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