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Any of you who use to play Elite Force will have no doubtably played ctf_voy2. *sigh* The good old days ;)

Well RedTechie and Sharky from...


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Any of you who use to play Elite Force will have no doubtably played ctf_voy2. *sigh* The good old days ;)

Well RedTechie and Sharky from SFEF decieded to remake ctf_voy2 for UT2004, and here it is. Gameplay from Elite Force is still there, but with the added fun of ut involded. One cool thing is this map feels like the orignal because Sharky and RedTechie went through each brush in Radiant, converted it to unreal units and then made it in UnrealEd

Pros; - Nice 16 player capture the flag map - True to the orignal map's design - Game play has not changed - Good fun map

Cons; - Textures look slightly look like they are from a cartoon - No plusing lights (Those who played the orignal will know)

All in all I think this is a great converstion and well worth being part of your UT maps collection.

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Download 'ctfvoy2.zip' (12.64MB)

Capture the Flag Voyager 2 by RedTechie and Sharky

Name: CTF-Voy2 
Game Type: CTF
Recommended players: 16
Bot Support: Yes

In 2371 the Federation starship USS Voyager, was swept away from the Alpha quadrant by a mysterious entity known as the Caretaker. Voyager was presumed lost by Starfleet.

They were not lost however. Voyager was actually in the Delta quadrant, nearly 70 000 light years away from Earth. 

In the year 2375 the program codenamed "Voyager 2" or "Voy2" was crated by Lt. Cmdr. Tuvok, and Lt. Tom Paris in Holodeck 1 of the starship Voyager. The program was created to train crewmen in weapon proficiencies during the conflict with the dangerous race known as the Hirogen. It proved to be one of the best training simulations ever built by Starfleet. Every member of the crew on the USS Voyager had tried the program and found it extremely entertaining.

Voyager had gotten a lot of help, made new friends, charted the quadrant, and made a few enemies while in the Delta quadrant.

Upon Voyager's arrival back to Earth in 2377, the starship was decommissioned, and turned into a museum in San Francisco. The program was forgotten, until a Starfleet engineer, Lt. Barclay found the program while visiting the Holodeck on Voyager. He made slight modifications to the program, such as adding Earth into the dark sky in honor of Voyager reaching Earth against great odds. The program was released in the Holosuites of the station Deep Space 9, and many found it just as fun as the Voyager crew had. 

The program caught attention of Tournament organizers, who used the holodeck technology to recreate it and be playable in the tournament.

Basically, it’s a map from Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, a game by Ravensoft. We loved the original map so much, that we figured rebuilding it to UT2004 would be very cool, and the idea was born. This is our first UT2004 map.

Copy and paste the content of the folders into appropriate folders in your UT2004 folder.

Lighting defects inside the bunkers, and such. We’re not that good with static mesh lighting so it doesn’t look very good, sorry. If anyone is good with that sort of lighting and feels like they can fix it, contact us, it will be greatly appreciated.

The lights are sopposed to blink, but we were unsure how to make shaders in UnrealED. This isn’t really a bug, but the lights in the original level do pulse. Perhaps in the next version.

About 5 days. We spent the whole weekend doing it, and then weekday afternoons doing lighting, pickups, etc. This was a really interesting map to make. We opened up the .map file from the original voy2 in a quake 3 map editor, then counted the dimensions of each brush. We then converted the grid units into feet. (7 Q3 units = 1 foot) Once we had finished that, we then converted feet into Unreal Units. (1 foot = 14 UU) Everything on this map is right to scale with the original map. We hope you enjoy it.

RedTechie – UnrealEd work (Brushwork, Static Meshes, mapping).
Sharky –  Textures, Quake 3 editor work, calculating and converting Q3 units to Unreal Units. Writing this readme :P
Everyone at 3dBuzz – For their awesome VTMs, and a super helpful forum community. Thanks guys!
Unreal Wiki – The answers to Unreal technology and beyond. Thank you for keeping your site up for all these years and helping out with those common questions that everyone asks, but nobody seems to know.
Incubus – Song called “4th Movement of the Odyssey” which is the background music for this level.

[Beta Testers]

MSN: Jackwilson_3000@hotmail.com
E-Mail: Sharky@sfefclan.net

MSN: Redvoy2371@msn.com
E-Mail: RedTechie@sfefclan.net

http://www.sfefclan.com – Elite Force clan that we are in. Soon to expand into UT2004.

PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY THIS LEVEL WITHOUT OUT PERMISSION. Quite a lot of work has gone into this level, and we’d really appreciate not having our work plagiarized. Feel free to glance at the level if you think you can fix the static mesh lighting issue we are having. Tinker around with it, and if you fix it, contact us, we’ll release it and give you credit for it. Please don’t steal our work, thank you.

Note: We are in no way responsible if this map breaks your UT2004 install, etc. Although it shouldn’t, it’s still good practice to scan for viruses on any downloaded files.

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