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Basically, a collection of some of Dark Elite Slayer's first works with the unreal editor. The readme has detailed descriptions of each map...


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Basically, a collection of some of Dark Elite Slayer's first works with the unreal editor. The readme has detailed descriptions of each map, so I won't go into the details all over again. The pack contains 4 deathmatch maps...two of which contain vehicles, but no real bot support. Also included are custom player skins, a custom voice pack, some custom artwork, and something unique that you do not see very often - a machiminia movie. Not bad work for a beginning mapper.


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Download 'dmhwzcrazyhouseofnoob.zip' (92.32MB)

|                     ++DETAILS++			|
|Author: Dark Elite Slayer				|
|Filefront username: Darth_Pineapple			|
|Youtube: DarkEliteSlayer				|
|Msn email: JustAnotherRandomPieceOfToast@hotmail.co.uk	|
|lol im not joking!					|
|xFire name: darthpineapple				|
|Email: peter.hunt999@ntlworld.com			|
|Why i chose music: It was totally RANDOM!		|
|Ex-clan: {HWZ} Hardcore Warriorz			|
|We broke up 9th December 2006	:'(			|
|Ex-clan homepage: www.HWZ-Clan.de.vu			|
|lol i dont even know why i bother putting this		|
|If you are going to use the music files plz ask me 	|
|first coz i spent a lot of time getting these to .ogg	|

|                 ++INSTALLATION++			|
|Move the files to the corresponding folders		|
|Double-click the WoE uMod file to install		|
|Why you need WoE is on a txt file in the folder	|
|							|
|For people so dum they dont know wher to put the files:|
|Help : wherever you want				|
|System : C\UT2004\System				|
|Textures : C\UT2004\Textures				|
|Maps : C\UT2004\Maps					|
|Music : C\UT2004\Music					|

|              ++WHATS IN THIS FILE++			|
|							|
|DM-{HWZ}-CrazyHouseOfNoob				|
|Details: Basically what you clicked on to download. Its|
|	  a hyper-colourful deathmatch and its very	|
|	  messy BSP-wise. I started this map when i was	|
|	  a noob mapper so it was very untidy but it	|
|	  got neater as i went along. But im still a	|
|	  noob mapper anyway :D				|
|	  This is the sort of map that has lots of	|
|	  hidden passages and stuff. HF finding them :D	|
|	  sry the bot pathing messed up so no bots :(   |
|	  Lots of custom textures			|
|							|
|DM-The Stunt Track					|
|Details: After playing unWheel, it inspired me to	|
|	  attempt making a racing map. Of course, its	|
|         as crap as ever, but it is very hard to not	|
|	  hit the sides and get round the lap in a fast	|
|	  time. It may be a deathmatch but it is	|
|	  designed for 1 player and it has a scorpion	|
|	  to rip up the track with. Only a few-day job	|
|	  Unfortunately the barrels at the side act only|
|	  on the weels so the cars body can go thru :(	|
|IMPORTANT: If you can do this, going fast, without	|
|	    the sides even once, record it, and send	|
|	    to me, coz i think it is impossible and wont|
|	    believe you without proof :D		|
|							|
|DM-Middle of Nowhere					|
|Details: I just decided to make a map out of blocks	|
|	  1024x1024 in size. Didnt turn out as big as i	|
|	  expected it to lol - its a very small map. It	|
|	  includes 2 scorpions, a manta, and 2 goliaths,|
|	  oh yeah, and a bunch'a stop signs which blow u|
|	  up wen u try to get past them. Finally a map 	|
|	  by me with bot pathing :P Best on 2-6 players	|
|         Nearly every texture is custom but low res :)	|
|							|
|Demon Voice (voicepack for both genders)		|
|Details: Basically i used the UT2k4 Voice Packager and	|
|	  Sound Recorder to make this voice pack.	|
|	  Nothing much to say apart from it is too quiet|
|	  in-game and was made by using my own voice	|
|							|
|Assassin (Skin pack)					|
|Details: My first and last skin pack, also in my last	|
|	  pack. The only point in posting this is so 	|
|	  that u dont hav to have downloaded my earlier	|
|	  version					|
|							|
|HWZ Pics						|
|Details: Just a bunch of clan member avatars - was	|
|	  gonna put em on but clan broke up before i got|
|         round to it					|
|							|
|DM-RoomOfGod						|
|Details: My old clan leader's map he made, origionally	|
|	  based on his bedroom, but i really dont think	|
|	  he had a spacefighter and stuff in his bedroom|
|	  ^^						|
|							|
|MOV-DeathRun						|
|Details: After i learnt how to use the machiminia stuf |
|	  i decided to make this and i really cant be   |
| 	  asked explaining it so im just sayin it was a |
|	  test						|

lol i dont no what the hell the point was in writing this i meen if ur gonna read it ur probably a nerd :)

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