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About Deathball DeathBall turns UT2004 into a mix of Football/Soccer, Rugby, Handball and War. It's a pure sports game, and at th...


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About Deathball DeathBall turns UT2004 into a mix of Football/Soccer, Rugby, Handball and War. It's a pure sports game, and at that a First Person Sports Game. It's based on UT2004, but it has nothing to do with a shooter.

So you got these football pitches, and you have to get the ball into the enemy goal. You have a melee weapon and a balllauncher. With your weapon you can kick other players around, kill the enemy ballowner with 2 hits and also kick the ball away (volley). In your own penalty zone you can kill all enemy players with one hit. With the ball launcher you can charge up a shot, the longer you hold it the harder it will be and you can even add spin to the ball, so it will curl in the air. Just like in football you should have a keeper in your goal. He has some special abilities like he's 30% faster than others,he can dodge and jump higher. Death Ball should be played with 5 players on each team, but a few maps also support lower player counts. The gameplay is very easy too learn, but it's hard to master. At first it seems to be pretty simple, but the more you play the more you realise how complex it is and how many possibilities your team has. The ways to score are infinite.

This is a crazy fun mod, download it now, this is a good 20MB smaller than than the zip.

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Download 'deathball21.exe' (75MB)

Deathball V2.1 for UT2004; 23:17h 22.08.2004
You need to install the latest UT2004 version to play this properly, the file can be found here:

Zip Version:
Unzip the zip into your \UT2004\ folder. Run a PlayDeathball file in your \ut2004\deathball\ folder.
Doesn't matter if you use the cmd or the bat file.
(Any old references in ut2004.ini can cause menu glitches in normal ut2004.ini and that we recommend
removing all UT2004.ini related deathball lines.
Like all mods you can also have problems
starting the mod from a ut2004://link command. We do not recommend this method of starting
deathball. However, if you used our recommended 2.1 umod installer package, you can start the mod
with deatball:l//ink.)

Exe or UMOD Version:
Run the installation file and choose your \ut2004\ folder.
Then run one of the "Play Deathball" files in \ut2004\deathball\

NON-Standard Deathball Installs:
We do not support non standard installs. Such as where you want
to use ut2vote and to have it change mods automatically. So if your changing mods on the fly you
have to do this. Such as BuD2k4 !

So we have put up a page on how to handle a non standard
install with Deathball. This means unzipping Deathball to your UT2004 directory directly. We do NOT
support this :) . But the following page should help you if you want to set it up.

23:08 22.08.2004
Deathball V2.1 (Changes from 2.0 to 2.1)
- Fixed altfire bounce being abused for defense (it has a small radius now at the beginning, just like without bounce mode)
- Altfire/Pass code changed. It's much more accurate. Passing to jumping players, will hit them directly.
It will no more go below their feet (3rdjump-pass-kids, go find another move!). It also handles sloped floors better.
- Fixed not being able to pickup slow moving ball at times
- Reduced self volley power to 1200 (1400 before) (this is only active with 6+ players)
- Fixed ball going through keeper on short shots
- Reduced ball collision radius from 79 to 70 units (keepers caught balls which they didn't really touch)
- Increased ball collision height from 42 to 45 units

- Crowd volume can now be changed in Audio Menu (maps with crowd: Cube, Bowl, Icedemon)
- New menu graphics
- Fixed most of the Demo recording/watching bugs
- Fixed up "Play Deathball.cmd" + dropped weird autoupdate system
- Added a "PlayDeathball.bat" file for win98 users
- Removed UT2k4 intro (requires removal of deathball.ini to make the change take effect)
- Added voice com fix to .ini (thx aimeeeh)
- Voice com defaults to team voice channel
- Fixed Head going through armor pieces
- You are now able to choose different armor colors
- Different jearseys too
- More Faces
- Fixed HUD graphic issues
- Red Team HUD less pink, more red
- Crowd goes 'ooowwww' on Missed chances (post hit, ball carrier killed in enemy p-box, keeper save)
- Colorsay (redsay and bluesay) working again
- Fixed "first 'say'" not working
- Fixed DB_Pawn log spam
- Removed "Accessed None"'s from Logs
- Replays 3 seconds longer (assist often could not be seen, only scorer, it only showed 4.5 seconds)
- Removed First Blood
- Fixed Autotaunts saying "same team" when boosting
- Fixed game not initializing correctly when starting from external server browser, or when opening server ip directly
- Fixed Server Browser issues
- Readded teamchange-delay of 7 seconds, to avoid abuse
- Fixed Key Lock not showing in Server Browser for passworded servers
- Fixed Linux incompatibility
- removed deathball.DB_Mutator from mutator screen (it was pointless, since db always uses it. it's just hidden now)
- Fixed loss of all model attachments after forfeiting in a botmatch (there is only one rare exception that makes you lose your stuff, but you will hardly get it)
- Fixed F3 screen for spectators
- Added clock to spectator HUD
- Fixed Listen Server Admin's shortname not showing
- Added hack to fix matches with no timelimit. Instead of no time it will count down from 24hours.
- Fixed bot joining wrong team when you switched to spectator
- Fixed game ending bugs
- Server browser has Deathball selected by default
- Fixed ball smoke option online (no more spark included in this)
- Players should always cry now when they are damaged (sometimes they didn't, and you thought you didn't hit him)
- HUD Setting stuff works now
- Version Number in Menu
- Players can switch camera during replay now (only online)

- Bots interpolate enemy movement based on their reaction time
- Less volley spam by bots
- Bots no more running into walls (so they slowly start working with un-normal maps)
- Fixed bots with ball being able to run around when "stopballcarrier" mode is active
- General bot work done
- Bots now pass when you hold "pass me"(rmb)

- Added DB-Wastelands
- TrainingCourt: Fixed beeping when ball was not even in goal
- Bowl: lighting less bright, added crowd sounds, copied banners from cube in here + slight wall tex change, fixed scoreboard
- Fixed owngoal bug in DB-Touchdown and DB-Hole (we'll have DB-SmallTouchdown next version, for 2on2 or 3on3)
- Cube: grass new, banners new, skybox lighting changed, removed on-pitch-cam from replay camera rotation, moved startpoints 32 units away from pboxes, fixed scoredboard
- Icedemon: Reset Volumes higher
- Curve: removed the camera on the inner wall (tended to go through the wall)
- Greenbaize: removed skeleton cam from replay rotation (couldn't see much there), redone radar, no more stool jumping
- Smallcube: slight visual changes, radar redone
- Legofan turned into Blocko

About us
Developers Teamvortex
Project Leader & other David M√ľnnich (German or English)
Lead Coder Matt Pratt
Coder Aaron Staley
AI Coder Markus Haikonen
Coder Robert Sitton
Menu Graphics Arend Behrens
Modeling Skinning Jordan Walker

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