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Defence Alliance 2 Beta 1.5

Defence Alliance 2 is a class-based assault mod for UT2004. Main Features: - Incredible assault style gameplay with various objective...


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Defence Alliance 2 is a class-based assault mod for UT2004.

Main Features:

- Incredible assault style gameplay with various objective types. - Amazing 3D graphics proove what the Unreal Engine is still capable of achieving. - Six unique classes with different attributes and weaponry. - Advanced Bot AI for challenging offline and online games. - Eight large as well as small scale maps with various paths to lead your team into victory. - Ending matinee scenes per map add more depth to each game. - More than 50 custom made effects help us create the atmosphere players want. - Fully customized and redesigned Graphical User Interface offers more options and easy navigation. - Documented source code, we help 3rd party members create their maps easier for DA2.

===Changelist=== = Added: - Whole new, professional soundtrack - New maps: Classic-Egypt, Siege, Forgotten and two new intro-maps - AVeR-Turret: Launching guided anti-vehicle/anti-turret missiles - EMP grenades: Used to shutdown and damage turrets (avaiable to medic and attacking sniper) - Incendiary thermite grenades: Useful to clear bunkers and block passages (avaiable to gunner and attacking mechanic) - AP mines: Perfect traps in close quarters (avaiable to defending mechanics) - Plasma bombs: Devastating, disarmable bombs with a 10sec timer (available to attacking rocketeer) - Addtional gore effects - Backpacks for medics and mechanics - Quick-selection via number-keys when selecting classes/structures

= Updated/Changed: - Medics receive score for healing players - Mechanics receive score for building or repairing objects - Improved HUD: New style, new radar, recoil-, hit- and score-indicator and more... - Balanced respawn times, giving attackers a big advantage - Updated and improved all maps - Adjusted recoil, accuracy, damage and ammo of all weapons - Bots are building turrets/ammoboxes in every map - Changed classnames to Rifleman, Mechanic, Medic, Gunner, Sniper and Rocketeer - Self-destruct for idling turrets - Scoreboard avaiable at the end of the match

= Fixed: - Strange clicks/pops in some of the weaponsounds

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