Defence Invasion

This Gametype is a little modification of the Invasion mode. Now the maps have a kind of "Defend this position" feeling, and the Mo...


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This Gametype is a little modification of the Invasion mode. Now the maps have a kind of "Defend this position" feeling, and the Monsters respawn in different locations than PlayerStarts. So you have to face the waves of the Invasion Monsters while preventing them from advancing further in the map. For 2-4 players.

Also comes with 2 maps: DEF-Claustrophobia and DEF-Serenna

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Download '' (2.9MB)

---------- DEFENSE INVASION ----------------
--------- A UT2004 GAMETYPE ----------------
------------- VERSION 1.0  -----------------

Author 		: Resident
E-mail		:

Construction time : 1 month (The Gametype and the two maps)

Release Date : October 14th, 2004.

----------- PLEASE READ  -------------------

The .zip file includes 2 maps for this Gametype.

Due to the fact that the Gametype files are only a few Kb's,
my idea is to create maps for this specific gametype, 
and attaching in the same .zip file of the map the files of 
this Gametype. So you will have, in every map released, 
the files needed to activate the Gametype.

-------- GAMETYPE DESCRIPTION --------------

This Gametype plays as the normal Invasion.
The Main difference is that the attacking monsters will
respawn in specific locations and NOT in the PlayerStarts.

The maps will have a "defend this position" structure, where the 
monsters respawn in far locations and the players have to 
stop them from going further in the map.

So now, although it plays like normal Invasion, the main goal 
of the Gametype is to "defend" the given area from the 
attacking monsters. The maps have some "defensive places" in
order to have some places for staying there and sniping or placing 
some Spider Mines or Grenades.

The Gametype does not include any more extras like custom weapons
or stuff like that. I just wanted to develop the initial idea i had.

-------------- AUTHOR NOTES : --------------

The Gametype inspiration came when playing Invasion online.
In several maps like DM-Antalus or DM-Phobos2 in the advanced 
waves, people like to stay in several areas and try to resist 
the monsters from there (in DM-Antalus is that place with 
the UDamage and the Shock Rifle ;) ) So i thought of creating
this Gametype, having the monsters respawn in different locations
than players, and creating special maps that have this "defend this
position" feeling.

This is the Gametype first release, so any feedback will be appreciated.

-------- Content of the zip file : ---------

     Gametype files
DefenseInvasion.u	... /System directory
DefenseInvasion.ucl	... /System directory

     The Maps

DEF-Claustrophobia.ut2	... /Maps directory
DEF-Claustrophobia.jpg	... /Help directory
DEF-Claustrophobia.txt	... /Help directory

DEF-Serenna.ut2		... /Maps directory
DEF-Serenna.jpg		... /Help directory
DEF-Serenna.txt		... /Help directory

-------------- SPECIAL THANKS --------------

The 'photoshopped letters' of "Defense Invasion.jpg" 
were created by Fraggi  ( )

Thanks to maps like DM-Antalus or DM-Phobos2 wich gave 
me the original idea. ;)

I learned the basics of coding in the Unreal wiki site.

Un saludo a la gente del clan *CDA* por las risas que nos echamos!! xD

--------------- Permissions ----------------

Authors may NOT use this Gametype as a base to build additional Gametypes
or mods. This Gametype may NOT be modified in any way without the author 
explicit permission.
You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this Gametype, i.e. put it on a 
CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my 
explicit permission!
You MAY distribute this Gametype through any electronic network 
(internet, FIDO, local BBS, etc...), provided you include this file and 
leave the archive intact.


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