Defense Alliance 2 Version 1.0 Beta (.exe file)

A fun mod indeed, Defense Alliance 2 is a mix of assault and Tactical Ops (called Frag Ops for UT2004).

Players join one of 2 teams where...


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A fun mod indeed, Defense Alliance 2 is a mix of assault and Tactical Ops (called Frag Ops for UT2004).

Players join one of 2 teams where one team must complete a series of objectives while the other team must stop them at all costs. It sounds like UT assault mode, but the seperation begins with the fact that you can choose between 6 character classes, from an average trooper to sniper to engineer and more.

There are still a few bugs with this beta, like the fact that there is no HUD on the screen during the spectator mode prior to game start, but currently I have not found any bugs that affect gameplay in any way.

*The mod has bot support of offline matches, and the bots are decently skilled, making for a good challenge when you are playing against them.

Thus, if you are like me and love assault mode on UT, then you'll love this mod. Even if you don't like UT assault mode, you might still want to give Defense Alliance I try.

*Added 10/30/05

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Download 'da2setup.exe' (106.9MB)

Defence Alliance 2 Beta 1.0.0 - ReadMe

Thank you for downloading Defence Alliance 2, unique assault modification for Unreal Tournament

Official Website:
Help / Support: [email protected]

--Main Features

- Incredible assault style gameplay with various objective types.
- Amazing 3D graphics proove what the Unreal Engine is still capable of achieving.
- Six unique classes with different attributes and weaponry.
- Advanced Bot AI for challenging offline and online games.
- Seven large as well as small scale maps with various paths to lead your team into victory.
- Ending matinee scenes per map add more depth to each game.
- More than 50 custom made effects help us create the atmosphere players want.
- Fully customized and redesigned Graphical User Interface offers more options and easy navigation.
- Documented source code, we help 3rd party members create their maps easier for DA2.


* Requirements (all OS)

- Original copy of UT2004
- Patch '3355'

-> Please note DA2 does -NOT- require ECE Bonus Pack. The files are stripped and included
with the file you received.

* Windows (EXE, ZIP)
If you are using the EXE version run DA2Setup.exe and follow the instructions. On the other
hand if you downloaded the ZIP version extract the folder DA2 to your root UT2004 directory.

Example: If your root directory is C:\Games\UT2004 then extract there. To run the mod now
either go to your newly created directory C:\Games\UT2004\DA2 and double-click on DA2.exe.
You may also use the command line mode to run DA2 which in this case is

Start -> Run -> C:\Games\UT2004\System\UT2004.exe -mod=da2

* Linux (ZIP only)

Just like windows extract the files to your corresponding UT2004 root directory. You will
not be able to use the EXE file so use the command line as mentioned above.

* MAC (ZIP only)

Install and use the MAC Launcher included in your ZIP file. The DA2_Mac_Launcher.sit is
located into your x:\UT2004\DA2\MAC directory. Simply, double-click to start the game.

--Copyright Material

The following files are included from the offical Editors Choice Edition (ECE Bonus Pack)
* OnslaughtBP.u
* ONSBPSounds.uax
* DistantBooms.uax
* CicadaSnds.uax
* ONS-BPJW1.usx
* BenTropicalSM01.usx
* ONSBPAnimations.ukx
* AW-2k4XP.utx
* ONSBP_DestroyedVehicles.utx
* CicadaTex.utx
* ONSBPTextures.utx
* BonusParticles.utx

** By using this software you agree that the above content belongs to EPIC and to their
corresponding developers.

** All 3D Artwork, Sounds, Textures, Maps, Music and code belong to their corresponding
owners and they are credited for this. If you have any problems or questions please
email us first at [email protected] to resolve the copyright issue.


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