This is my first real try with UED; I made this map some months ago and now I decided to upload it here so you can use it too. This map is basically composed by three rooms: a taller one, in the middle, with the shock rifle and a superpickup on a bridge; two shorter rooms on it's sides, with flak cannons. It's a very small map, created for 1on1 matches or for very chaotic deathmatches (4 players is enough). Please do not e-mail me, just leave some comments, I'd like to know what you think of this. Hope you enjoy this!



By Crusad3r[91]


Extract the two folders (Maps-System) and paste them in the main UT2004 folder; this will add one new map (DM-1on1-Outpost27).

Have fun!

You are allowed to distribute this map as long as you include this file, leave the archive intact and credit me, please.
You are allowed to modify this map as long as you give me credit.
You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level!


The outpost 27 is a quite recent arena: it consists of a maintenance structure which has fallen in disuse. Will you be the winner or will you fall in disuse too? Prove it!

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