Create a layout that is so amped up in gameplay and flows flawlessly. (movement, angles, measurement, perception.) The variety of scenarios that can happen in Arachi are limitless, thus providing a very new and unpredictable experience each and every match.2.) The artificial intelligence of these bots amazes me. I gave them the know-how to dodge up slants, perform elevator jumps, use elevators and jump pads easily, and jump-spots for them to know when to jump to other areas.3.) A visually compelling appeal with much detail in lighting, shadows, and vertices of detailed objects. The sky-box and shadows and custom created shapes make this a one of a kind look. Beautiful custom water texture embedded in the map file.Installation: (...is simple)Unzip the file you've downloaded to see the two files that were inside it...dm-arachi-final-pro.ut2(You must place this into your "Maps" folder of your UT2004 directory)massacre.usx(You must place this into your "Static Meshes" folder of your UT2004 directory)Download Link To FileFront: http://www.filefront.com/16381765/DM-Arachi-Final-Pro.zip/...And you're set to use!I hope you Enjoy this as much as I did creating it.Frag on. :)- *xKc*Mss


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