To summarise what this map is - it's a miniature labyrinth. One that you probably won't get lost in, but a mini labyrinth all the same....


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To summarise what this map is - it's a miniature labyrinth. One that you probably won't get lost in, but a mini labyrinth all the same.

There are two levels to the map; an oddly roofless house floor, and a small subterranean cave. Both use basic architecture, have a smooth layout and look the part. Gotta admit that the shiny floors were out of place, seens someone went postal with a floor buffer.

Powerups are spread pretty widely, so spray-and-pray isn't really a valid technique. I found myself taking cover behind obstables alot to avoid a slew of minigun rounds, so the smaller dodging space does add another dimension to how the map plays, especially if you use any damage-enhancing mutators.

Not the most complex of maps, but there's nothing wrong with it, it's fully playable, and it's a little more pacey than 2k4's base maps due to it's size. This map definitely won't make your jaw drop to the floor, but it's perfect for when you want a clean deathmatch that's all about the guns and not the terrain.

Oh, and watch your back - you're not alone.

~ Kouen

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      Title:    Blue Massacre

    Version:    1.0

     Author:    Parkis G
   Released:    July 'Friday the 13th' 2007


Description:    This is a 2 floor fantasy map with a dark atmosphere, and lots of pain to go with it.
       Also:    Additional credits to Angelheart, Pestilence, Kryzaliz, and The Birthday Massacre. 

    Testing:    Thanks to Kaaosmachine for testing. 

Installation: put  DM-BlueMassacre.ut2                    file in   UT2004/Maps folder    (in Windows Explorer)
              put  BirthdayMasscre.ogg                    file in   UT2004/Music folder

Start up UT2004 and Click 'Instant Action', and 'Deathmatch Gametype', and scroll untill you see map name.


Play Inforamtion

Game                    : Unreal Tournament 2004
Level Name              : DM-BlueMassacre
Bot Support 		: Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Music               : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New StaticMeshes	: Yes




UT2004 maps of mine:



UT2003 maps of mine:

    DM-Jumpin'Jillacurs        -my first map - very fun
    DM-420                     -look what time it is
    DM-Wicked Complex          -my apartment - converted from UT99
    DM-BorgShip,               -resistance is futile
    DM-Ice Cave Arena          -great map - one of my favorites
    DM-Caverns of Epha Toth    -this is a large map that is great for vehicles
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    DM-Battlebots              -also available for ut2004

     these maps available at

       actually you can use the 'file search' for this site and type in map name and find them easier.
       also that some of the ut2003 maps I made do not run as smooth on ut2004, 
       but at request I could re-release any old map as a second version.


Comments: This is a map I've working on for a while. I was working on a circus style map, but it ended up taking 
alot of my time. I will finish that map some day. 
Also check out the video I got the from for this map, search google videos for blue massacre, you'll see a video
similar to what this map looks like.  


distribute as you wish, you can post on any website
Please ask before using anything from my map, some of the content may not be mine to give.

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