DM-Dark Maze



I know we all remember the famous screensaver from Windows 98, the one with the screen going through the maze and there would be smiley faces that turned the screen up side down... Good times! DM-Dark Maze tries to take us back ten years ago to the good old days. Here, the maze is dark, spooky, and quite long.

The maze is just that, a huge labyrinth with many twist and turns. There are many places to hide and attack your enemy, so you turtles have found your map! Down some maze paths, there will be a horde of weapons waiting for you on the other end. But be careful, do not get lost!

Conquer that maze, now!



DM-Dark Maze
Map for UT2004
Created By Dave40K
Email: [email protected]
ICQ: 322177332

What's included:                        Size:
- DM-Dark Maze Readme.txt (This file)   -400B
- DM-Dark Maze.ut2 (The Map)            -750KB
- DarkMaze.utx (The Teaxture)           -768KB

How to install:
Copy the "Dm-Dark Maze.ut2" and paste it in the "Maps" Folder.
Copy the "DarkMaze.utx" and paste it in the "Texture" Folder.

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