Dm-DesertWar is a fast pace frag-fest that takes place in a highly detail desert environment. On the map, you will see two buildings. One is a flat building, the other one is a tower. These buildings are the only place for protection in this wide-open area. Vechiles such as German tanks appear on a platform. In the distance, mountains are visible with a partly cloudy blue sky; adding to the over all effect. Desert trees, rocks, and other debris are also scattered around the map.

A gattling cannon and various different vechiles are available to decimate your opponent with. Dm-DesertWar is medium, but the wide open areas make it feel quite small, so expect fast games with high carnage. This version includes small bug fixes, more blocking volume, and the skybox is now fixed.

So what are you waiting for? Download Dm-DesertWar and get your desert warfare fix!



In ut 2003 i always had a lot of fun with the map DM-DesertWar.
There where all kinds off versions in ut2003.
I made a ut2004 version of it.
Simple gameplay, with a lot of superweapons.
Also some ONS weapons and a supershock rifle are present.
Mutch health, hearts etc, you will need these !
Fast map for a super fragfest !
The scale of the map is overzised, this is done on purpose.

This is the second and final version.
In the first one there where a few small bugs that i have removed.
There are also more blocking volume's added.
Skybox is fixed.

Ok, play and have fun with it,
Greetings, willem.

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