A funnel map for a medium player group. Bots are pathed but online play is much better. Set in an alien Ziggurat this map is the first in a...


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A funnel map for a medium player group. Bots are pathed but online play is much better. Set in an alien Ziggurat this map is the first in a 3 part series of Funnel map adaptions.

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DM-Tower of FunNel

Author: Animbadabar


Offline Player Load 2-6
Recommended 2-16 for online play.

Finished 25/4/06

Build time: About 3 days excl. planning and drawing of textures.
Editors: Photoshop,HP Imaging Director, UnreadEd

Notes: This is the first in a series of 3 maps where I am trying to demonstrate the potential of the "Funnel" map style.
I'm doing this to try and raise the standard of maps for this gametype, as I feel many previous efforts seem to lack
care and are visually off-putting. I think if funnel maps were of higher quality players may take more of an interest
as it shows some thought and planning has been put into the map.

This first map stays true to the average gameplay of Funnel maps such as Beta funnel etc, and also has the characteristic
bad name. There are two levels and a central spawning area. Weapons are more effective the further away you get from the 
spawn pit, up to the point where a high bridge holds several redeemers. For people unfamiliar with the gametype, the quantity 
of redeemers is to make up for the difficulty in accessing the area. By the time a player has reached the redeemer bridge I figured 
other players would have the opportunity to make at least 6 or 7 kills, so therefore put enough redeemers to make the trip worthwhile
frag-wise. The top bridge is the ultimate goal of the map as it allows for quick domination of the spawning areas, and
a player who can hold the exposed bridge against equally determined opponents will be able to succeed. The gametype is 
intended for online play as bots are easily beaten due to little interest in taking and holding the redeemers, opting for
a close-quarter spamfest as the result of their AI system.

I realise much of the UT and 2kx community dislike funnel maps, but this series (a workflow if you like showing a way the maps
can possibly progress and become more fun for all) is intended to generate a genuine interest in the gametype as an alternative
to the more serious hardcore deathmatch maps. These are obviously not intended to be the staple of your maps folder unless
you really enjoy frantic spawn fighting, but are instead a different style of DM. There are strategies involved
as the gametype favours a king-of-the-hill style gameplay. Close quarter spawn camping is ineffective as the
"king" will be using weapons with a larger damage radius and can pile kills on faster.

In this my focus was mainly on visual enhancement of the standard funnels, and in the next map I will
add some extra gameplay factors to make the maps more rewarding for strategists and players with knowledge of advanced
manoevering. I hope this will create a balance, where skillful players can dominate due to faster access of superweapons
but new players still have a chance if they move with consideration. No comments yet on my third map as I want to take
some of the criticisms people may offer on this and the second funnel and apply them to my basic layout.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this. My email is listed above and I've started 2 forum threads
The URLS are:

(Note: These are both on the Beyondunreal forums as I was not able to access Atari or Unrealplayground forums at time
of release - Posting on these will require a free registration, but the process is short so any views welcome)

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