DM-Grey Matter

Dm-RF-Dm17-Grey-Matter.rar —


Description: The great belongings of the Ultor Corporation on Mars are inviting you to the vast indoors of its futuristic complex to participate in the tournament once again! Dont miss your chance to be the first because the winner gets the biggest prize of all a ticket home, to the Earth, to new life.

Comments: I present you my first multiplayer-oriented, and the third and final remake of a level from Red Faction 2001. Recreated using the Unreal Engine 2 for UT2004, for the 5th anniversary of my experience in level design. In this final map I tried to come as close to the original in terms of level geometry and lightning, so that it has as little change as possible.

To all who supported me and my work. XCanG, UnShame thank you both!


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