Yes, you did read that right. Halloween. Not only was there a problem with the submission initially, but when the file finally got to us safe and sound, it ended up buried in the Rejected Files folder somehow, where it remained for a month, only to be randomly stumbled upon just now by me. Some people have all the luck, no? _doh.gif

Well, we're here now, so yay.

First thing I have to say, is that I would not like to be the poor son of a bitch whose blood that is on the walls. Yowch. However, in all fairness, said blood does look rather lifelike, a nice little bit o' Photoshop magic at play I suspect, but blood and other spilled liquids are often tricky to get just right. But there is a helluva lot of it. Overkill.

The layout, while being simple, is condusive to UT2004 gameplay. Plenty of space to move but not too much, the detail is simple, and while UE2 can handle pretty good amounts of detail without performance issues, that does mean that those of you for whom a Mac would be a brilliant upgrade over your current gaming PC will have no problems on this map, and that's a good thing I guess. To my disdain, I found a lack of sniper nests. No sniper wub. :( The little details such as wreckage are all present and... nice, I guess. Probably the best element is that an attack can come from any side at any time. Personally I'd rather play TDM or Invasion than DM on this map, purely for the squad-based element.

There's plenty of nice little cookies around. The jump booster effect, for example, sports pentagrams. Giant tarantulas on the wall, which really freaked me out (arachnophobia). Blood vials and bone shields replacing the health and armor pickups, and obligatory gargoyle statues.

All in all, as a Deathmatch map, I'd use this for 1v1 cat-and-mouse. Team Deathmatch, as many as you can support, and invasion, four or five at the most holed up with the bad guys roaming the rest of the place. It's not too elaborate, but it's definitely got the slasher flick thing going on, and I could see myself having it in frequent rotation.

~ Kouen




Title:    Halloween Eclipse 2
Version:    2.0
Author:    Parkis G
Released:    October 31 2007
Email:    [email protected]

Just in time for Halloween, a trip back to the abandon mental hospital.
Don't worry, there are plenty of weapons and ammo to go around.
Because if you don't make it, your soul will be held captive.
This second version fixes an error message, and a few other arrangements.

Ghost Skins:
 I also released a 2 skin Necris Ghost Pack - check 'Skin City'


put  DM-HalloweenEclipse2.ut2 file in UT2004/Maps folder
put  HalloweenEclipse.ogg  file in UT2004/Music folder

Start up UT2004 and Click 'Instant Action', and 'Deathmatch Gametype', and scroll untill you see map name.


Play Inforamtion

Game                    : Unreal Tournament 2004
Level Name              : DM-HalloweenEclipse2
Bot Support 		: Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Music               : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New StaticMeshes	: Yes


hints: Don't Suffer


UT2004 maps of mine:


UT2003 maps of mine:

    DM-Jumpin'Jillacurs        -my first map - very fun
    DM-420                     -look what time it is
    DM-Wicked Complex          -my apartment - converted from UT99
    DM-BorgShip,               -resistance is futile
    DM-Ice Cave Arena          -great map - one of my favorites
    DM-Caverns of Epha Toth    -this is a large map that is great for vehicles
    DM-Matrix Rebooted         -lots of physic zones and agent sounds
    DM-Forkin Icehole          -play it ya bastage
    DM-Tornado                 -great map - one of my favorites
    DM-Firestein               -lots of fire and flames
    DM-Bathroom in Space       -this one turned out to be really fun
    DM-Battlebots              -also available for ut2004

     these maps available at ut2003files.com

       actually you can use the 'file search' for this site and type in map name and find them easier.
       also that some of the ut2003 maps I made do not run as smooth on ut2004, 
       but at request I could re-release any old map as a second version.


Comments: This is a map I've working on for a while. I was working on a circus style map, but it ended up taking 
alot of my time. I will finish that map some day. 
Also check out the video I got the from for this map, search google videos for blue massacre, you'll see a video
similar to what this map looks like.  


distribute as you wish, you can post on any website
email: [email protected]
Please ask before using anything from my map, some of the content may not be mine to give.

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