This is my first map I have ever uploaded. It is a weapons platform orbiting earth that is why the map is called DM-orbitship. Playrshp.utx was used from unreal gold for the ship itself.




Author: Ironcore124

Email: [email protected]

Gametype: Deathmatch

Players: #6-16 players max

Program used: UnrealED

Buildtime: 3 months

Instructions: Playrshp.utx which is inside the textures folder belongs 
in the ut2004 textures folder. DM-Orbitship belongs into the folder
called maps in your ut2004 directory.

Permission: You may use this map for you mod. 
BUT you may not do any major modification to the map without my permission.

Map Info: SF-402 Is one of the 400 weapon platfom ship's that orbits
 earth today. Nuclear weapons are still the technolgy used in space warfare. 
It has 4 giant twin lazer cannons, 4 Atomic missles, and space fighters. 
Platforms like these protect earth from nuclear devistation, meteoroids, UFO's, 
and many great dangers that can come from space and beyond. 

Known bug(s):
1.Sometimes when a player falls they don't die.
2.Whenever a bot dies their body falls right through the brush they were standing on.

Credit: all credit goes to me. I made this map on my own.

Other: Send me an email if you have any problems with my map.
Hope you have fun playing my map!

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