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This is a reality based large outdoor map built with the invasion game mode(s) in mind. Those of you who played on my server during the summ...


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This is a reality based large outdoor map built with the invasion game mode(s) in mind. Those of you who played on my server during the summer may remember the NetTest version of this map.

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Yay! you opened it!

You are one of a dying breed, be proud!

Thanks for taking the time to download this, I made this map in a basic form some time ago
before I rebuilt a decent version of it which I tested on my UT2004 server during the
summer months of 2005. Then my pc broke down and the hard drive failed making it
impossible for me to retrieve the original even with advanced data recovery software, 
fortunately however the FTP account for my old UT2004 server was still active so I was able
to retrieve the test version and resume work on it in October 2005.

I think this map is as ready as its ever going to be for a public release, quaker was built
with the invasion game mode in mind though it can be fun to play on other game modes such
as team deathmatch. Though this map is best off played with the Chaos UT2 Evolution mod
for deathmatch games in my personal opinion, the same can also be said for invasion.

The Chaos mod can be downloaded from

I have used the alias G(+)THBERT as the author name for the map, though I have made many
other maps for the Unreal series under differing aliases over time. I rarely keep any 
particular alias for very long.

I currently play online under the name G(+)THBERT at the moment, so it makes sense to use
that alias for mapping as well.

Feel free to use any of the static meshes and extra items that I have made for this map if 
you want, though most of them aren't that much to look at as I kept them as low poly 
as possible for better performance.

You may also distribute this map as you see fit, just leave the archive intact if you are
posting it for download on other sites / forums etc.

I wish to thank everyone who has helped me with this map, this includes everyone who
played the test version on my server during the summer.

Many thanks go to and for the free textures that they 
provided for this map.

Many thanks to (most of) the <TAC> clan for helping me test this map.

Many thanks to all the regulars on the Rankin server for being such a 
fun team, especially those who go on shield gun rampages with me ;)

And last but not least. Many thanks to you Jen for being there for me during what was
a very difficult time for me earlier this year, I don't know what I would have done
without you!

And one final thanks to anyone else who has contributed in some way whom I have not 
mentioned here.

I think I have covered everything here.

If you have any questions / comments etc then feel free to e-mail me at,

I hope you enjoy this map as much as I have!

See you around.

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