DM-S3M-Deep Burn

DM-S3M-Deep Burn is an update of .The map is based in hell, or that...


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DM-S3M-Deep Burn is an update of [url=";95827"].The map is based in hell, or that is what is seems. There is lava everywhere, which must be noted looks excellent. Patches of dirt will provide the player safe walking surfaces to travel and take out the opponent. Crosses and other satanic imagery is seen in this map, strengthening the "hell" theme.

A few noticeable things that shows the great detail in this map are: lava rains down from the sky, steam comes out of the mountains, the terrain is barren and mountainous among other things. This detail along with its other doodads make this map highly detailed and a thrill to play on.

  • This version fixes:
    • Fixed terrain
    • Fixed fog distance
    • Added two sniping points
    • Added more deco objects
    • Added Translauncher & Mine Layer
    • Added more teleports

If hell, or good maps, are your thing; then this map will best suit you.

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Download '' (4.47MB)

version 1.0.1 by Shadow3
Unpack .ut2 file
in Maps folder & enjoy!
-Map file
-S3M Domination Pickup (basic)
-Fixed terrain
-Fixed fog distance
-Added two sniping points
-Added more deco objects
-Added Translauncher & Mine Layer
-Added more teleports

© 2009 Shadow3, Kursk, Russia. All Rights Reserved.

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