DM-S3M Metallica



Metallica fans rejoice! DM-S3M Metallica has you covered.

This map is set in between a mountainous area at dusk. Evergreens surround the map and help the "alpine" feel that shadows the map. There is a bridge that connects two parts of the map. On the bridge, bursts of blue flames spew out for a rock effect. There are small buildings that also accompany the map. These buildings have Metallica paraphernalia in them. Both buildings have a homey atmosphere with computers, couches, and televisions in them; definitely something Metallica would have in their game room.

The terrain is pretty well done. There is a presence of green grass through most of the map except near the hilly areas which boast a cliff terrain. The small houses could use a little bit more detail. It seems that all in them are luxuries and have big open areas of nothing! In the small houses, you will find a lot of weapons and power up. Camping in there would definitely be a good strategy.



version.1.0 by Shadow3
12.2008, Kursk, Russia
To play on this map,
unpack all files in
UT2004 root folder.
-Map file
-Textures Pack
-Static meshes pack
-Domination Pickup
-InstaGib Placeable Mod
-Soundtrack "Welcome Home" by Metallica (C)
-Original screenshots

P.S. Developers CAN use my packages,
but give me a credit. Shadow3.

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