Well, this being a beta I wasn't really expecting too much, but this does need a lot of work still.

OK, to summarise the map. In the center, we have a missile silo with four entrances and a corridor going around linking them. There's also a lower level you can hop down to, which holds a redeemer and four flak cannons in small crawlspaces. Pretty basic, no?

Well, no exaggerations. It really is that simple. Little to comment on, aside from saying it's good for a close-range gangbang match.

My advice for a finished version would be to expand, give more ground to cover, and don't be afraid to experiment with the architecture. Also pay attention to the little details. A lot of little details adds up to one big detail in the end.

Oh, yeah, and you'll need the Editor's Choice Edition or Mega Pack installed to play this.

~ Kouen



Title: DM-SatelliteDefenseBeta
Author: Zarniwoop Van Harl
Extract the map file "DM-SateliteDefense" to your Maps folder (default C:\UT2004\Maps)
Description: Set within a satellite missile defense system pointed at an asteroid.
Notes: This is an old map I made half half a year ago,
found it in a long lost directory and tweaked it up.
Keep in mind this is a Beta Map.
Also note that the map uses textures/meshes
from the ECE bonus pack.

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