Here's a beta version of a map in development by Jake "Unreally" Splichal. It may not look like a sewer station at the moment, but it's...


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Here's a beta version of a map in development by Jake "Unreally" Splichal. It may not look like a sewer station at the moment, but it's my belief that the mapper is testing the map's layout and bot support. The map is played best 1 on 1 with great pickup balance. The layout is tight, but very suitable for a 1 on 1 deathmatch level. I am eager to see the finished product. Watch out though, the bot support is great - even set to adept they will give you a beating.


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TITLE: Sewer Station BETA
AUTHOR: Jake "UnReally" Splichal

DATE RELEASED: August 5, 2007

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: After extracting the two folders (Maps and Textures) from the archive, simply drag them into your base UT2004 directory. This may prompt an overwrite notice, which should be allowed. Alternatively, you can drag the DM-SewerStationBETA file into your //ut2004/maps folder, and the BasicBuilding.utx file into your //ut2004/textures folder.  

DESCRIPTION: Please keep note that this map is in its first testing phase. Bot support is fully enabled, allowing players to get a feel for combat throughout the level. That being said, this is a more closed in and tight level than most, perhaps bringing back qualities reminiscent of the original UT or Quake 3 in playstyle. The level is ideally played 1 on 1 or with 3 players (Try a few bots on high difficulty level).


USER COMMENTS: As this is a beta, and it's purpose is to be tested, I would love any and all feedback, suggestions and ideas you have while playing to be sent via email to the listed address. Just remember: gameplay testing is what I'd like feedback on, not visuals. The map doesn't look good for a reason! PLEASE SEND YOUR FEEDBACK!!


CREDITS: The only custom content in use at the moment are my own textures (from BasicBuilding.utx), inspired by Valve's level building process.

MORE TESTING: If you're by any chance interested in running further tests on this map, perhaps others, please let me know via email! It's difficult finding people to playtest with online, and such help would be greatly appreciated.

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