A multi-leveled, vertically-oriented, nearly old-skool Convertion vs Compliling DeathMatch arena.

This map is inspired by mainy familiar...


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A multi-leveled, vertically-oriented, nearly old-skool Convertion vs Compliling DeathMatch arena.

This map is inspired by mainy familiar elements fromclassic UT maps (such as DM-Gael) to create the monstrosity one can bear witness to, per se, on the screenshots right here. In reality, ideal for the Last Man Standing matches, hence the lots of hiding, stealth and close-quarters opportunities...

Even the gravital values of the Shaft itself make for an interesting challenge.

Oh, and watch your step around there.

~ Draco

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I give you DM-Shaft.  Strictly amatuer work. I'm a novice mapper and I'm not going to pretend I'm otherwise, besides this happens to be my first map.  Well, technically my second map if I include the VTM map. Which, by the way, I actually posted screenshots of that map in this forum. All the same, I swear I've been to hell and back building this map, countless hours I've worked and slaved, revising and polishing this damn map to make it what it is now.  

Before I release this map to great fanfare, I'm sure. I figured I'd better post it here so others could give it a run and kindly tell me if they find any issues with it.  It would be both kind of you to tell me and to tell me kindly. ;)

Description of DM-SHAFT:

The map is a remake of DM-Gael.  Some superficial similarity has been retained, also the elemental idea and fundamental layout is taken directly from DM-Gael.

One day I was exploring maps in the editor and I opened DM-Gael for reasons I no longer remember.  Whenever I play DM-Gael, I press the fire button to respawn as soon as I die when l fall into the hole.  I didn't realize the hole, shaft, or what the original author called "The Pit" extended down a good ways with some xpawns spread eagle on the floor and a gorgeous gorge looking in from a room. (You need World Detail set to high to see them when playing the game.)  I thought to myself, what if you could bring the battle out of the arena and into the shaft, and there was born on that day, DM-Shaft.

Since this isn't DM-Gael. The map needs a new background story.

The story ...

The combat takes place in a sweet water bottling distribution plant on Mars (which accounts for the lower gravity), before the once red planet was terraformed, early explorers discovered underground reservoirs of bubbling sweet water.  After terraforming was complete, the company that manufactures sweet meat dredged holes in the ground and shafts were constructed to siphon the liquid from the underground reservoirs. Now you can have sweet water with your sweat meat! Many areas of the facility serve as warehouses, where crates packed with bottles of sweet water await shipment to the Earth's moon. Since Mars is a staging point for Intergalactic travel, tournament competitors often spend extended periods of time on Mars. Sometimes during the off season, the hunger for competition drives competitors to this popular facility.


Map Description:

"In this conversion of DM-Gael, the battle arena turns vertical, and the combatants go subterranean, where your combat skills in close quarters decides whether plunging into the shaft is fatal for you or fatal for your oponents!"

DM-Shaft is divided into two horizontal Arenas (Rocket and Biorifle) separated by a vertical Arena (the Shaft).

The Top Arena is referred to as the Rocket Arena and the Bottom Arena is referred to as the Biorifle Arena.

Without the Lightning Gun pickup base placed in front of the elevators as they are located in DM-Gael, the top arena makes a nice Rocket Arena.  I enjoyed playing Rocket Arena in UT. The Rocket Arena (top arena) contains a Super Shield pickup base, two Rocket Launchers and four Rocket Ammo packs.  The Super Shield pickup base is located where the Wildcard pickup base is located in DM-Gael. I replaced the Wildcard pickup base with the default pickup base used to spawn the Super Shield to help eliminate any confusion as to why only a Super Shield spawns there. Two of the four Rocket Ammo packs are located by the hole in the floor and one Rocket Ammo pack is located in an open crate on each side of the Arena.  On the second level of the Rocket Arena, there is an open crate with a Teleporter to the Red Room and an open crate with a Teleporter to the Blue Room (both rooms flank the Biorifle Arena), the location of these Teleporters is indicated by flashing directional lights. Use these teleporters to quickly reach the bottom Arena where the Keg-of-Health spawns, rather than descending through the Shaft each time you want to reach the Biorifle Arena.  

The Shaft can be divided into 5 levels, each one on top of the other like stories in a building.  You will find four Adrenaline capsules on level 2; four Adrenaline capsules on level 3 and four more Adrenaline capsules on level 4, for a grand total of 12 Adrenaline capsules for the entire map.   

When you descend to the bottom by way of the hole in the Rocket Arena's floor, the first weapon you come across is the Lightning Gun which is located on the ledge of the cross beam. There is a triggered sound (which is more pronounced and distinct than the weapon pickup sound) located here to let other players below know a player has just picked up the Lightning Gun and is currently at the top of the Shaft.  The area around the Lightning Gun comprises the first level (level 1) of the five levels in the Shaft. There is only one Lightning Gun Ammo pack in the map and its located here in front of the Lightning Gun. You will need to return here by way of the hole in the Rocket Arena floor if you want more Lightning Gun Ammo.  Or, if you're playing a Team Deathmatch or an Invasion match with the Translauncher, then you can Translocate to this position, as can the Bots.

The next level (level 2) down is the UDamage/Link Gun Zone.  This level permits access to a small warehouse. The warehouse contains a Link Gun and two Link Gun Ammo packs and a 25 Health pack on both the right and left sides. At the rear of the warehouse, near the automated door to the elevator, is the UDamage. The UDamage is located in an open crate facing the automated door which permits access to an elevator that quickly takes you back to the Rocket Arena.

The level (level 3) below the UDamage/Link Zone is the Shock Rifle alcove.  In a small alcove sits a Shock Rifle with two Shock Rifle Ammo packs out on the cross beam ledge to the left and right of the alcove.  Two Rocket Ammo packs are located on this level, one is on the wood plank with a jumppad and one is on the wood plank without a jumppad.  The wood plank without a jumppad is the destination point for the right Teleporter in the Blue Room and this is indicated by the blue light on the wall.

The level (level 4) below the Shock rifle is the Minigun Cage.   The small, narrow room off the Shaft contains a Minigun and two Minigun Ammo packs.  There is an open crate with a 50 Shield pack.  A wood plank leans on the crate with the 50 Shield pack.  This wood plank allows access to an opening to the Stairs, which in turn, leads to the Red Room. There is a Flak Ammo pack on the wood plank without a jumppad.  This is the only Flak Ammo pack in the map.  The wood plank without the jumppad is the destination point for the right Teleporter in the Red Room and this is indicated by the red light on the wall.  Two 25 Health packs flank the jumppad on the wood plank in the center of the cross beam.

Level 5 is the Flak Cannon.  The Flak Cannon is located in the Stairs.  The Stairs run between the Red Room and the Minigun Cage.  There is also a Vent that connects the Stairs to the Shaft just below the Flak Cannon.  There is a triggered sound on the wood plank leaning on the 50 Shield crate in the Minigun Cage and a triggered sound on the steps located a couple of flights below the Flak Cannon.  There is no triggered sound in the Vent, so a player can sneak into the Stairs that way if the player walks or crouches.  Once you grab the Flak Cannon, you can decend the Stairs and take the Teleporter to your left for the Flak Cannon Ammo pack located on the wood plank on the Minigun Cage level (level 4), which is indicated by the red light on the wall, since you teleported from the Red Room.  Alternatively, you could grab the Flak Cannon and exit via the Vent, drop down to the area around the Keg-of-Health (the Biorifle Arena) you could then enter Red Room and take the teleporter which leads to the Flak Cannon Ammo, which is now on your right.

The Biorifle Arena and Blue and Red Rooms comprise the bottom area of the map.  The bottom arena contains 2 Biorifles and 4 Biorfle Ammo packs.  There are two 25 Health packs and a Keg-of-Health pickup base in this Arena.  The Blue and Red Rooms contains two Teleporters and one 25 Health pack each.  The Red Room contains a
Classic Sniper Rifle with one Classic Sniper Rifle Ammo pack. The only Classic Sniper Rifle Ammo pack in the map. The weapon and ammo are located under the Stairs.  You access the area under the Stairs by moving through the narrow area between the stacked crates in front of the Teleporter in the Red Room that returns you to the Rocket Arena and the wall of the Stairs.

Both the Red Room and the Blue Room have two Teleporters.  Whenever you enter from the Biorifle Arena, the Teleporters to the Rocket Arena are on your left and the destination points for these Teleporters are indicated by the blue and red circular strobing floor lights in front of each Rocket Launcher in the Rocket Arena. The Teleporters to the wood planks without the jumppads is to your right.  You will teleport to the wood plank indicated by the red or blue light, depending on whether you teleport from the Red Room or the Blue Room respectively.  In addition, you will notice a crate with either a red or blue light inside, depending on which room you are in.  The crates with the light inside is the destination point for the teleporters from the Rocket Arena.

Here is a list of locations and how many playerstarts are located there.

There are 32 player starts.  No, I do not expect this map to be on a 32 player Deathmatch server.
I don't recommend exceeding 8 players.  2 to 6 players is better suited for the map.

Rocket Arena = 12 (3 in each corner of second level.  Indicated by the open crates
Level 1 (Lightning Gun) = 2 (both in front of Lightning Gun, 1 offset to the left, the other offset to the right)
Level 2 (UDamage/Link Gun) = 3 (1 in front of entrance to warehouse on cross beam, 2 in warehouse on top of crates)
Level 3 (Shock Rifle) = 3 (1 on top of barrel; 1 in front of alcove on cross beam and other in front of jumppad on plank)
Level 4 (Minigun) = 2  (both in Minigun Cage)
Level 5 (Flak Cannon) = 3 (1 playerstart is located close to Red Room, 2 near Flak Cannon, 1 above & 1 below)
Blue room = 1 (in open crate without blue light)
Red Room = 1 (in open crate without red light)
Classic Sniper Rifle in Red Room = 1 (directly in front of Classic Sniper Rifle)
Biorifle arena = 4 (2 playersstarts by each Biorifle)

There are 12 playerstart zones. In other words, the computer can choose to spawn you in 12 different locations. This effectively caps the map at 12 players.  Otherwise, players will experience delays in spawning and might even experience delays with fewer than 12 players.  The computer will try to spawn you in an area not under contention.  This allows 11 zones to be under contention and allow 1 player to spawn in a marginally safe zone. If you play the match with six players or less, you are guarenteed a safe zone to spawn at. 

A Word About Bots with Translaunchers:

Bots can Translocate from Level 2 (UDamage/Link Gun area) up and through the hole to the Rocket Arena.  They can also Translocate from the Biorifle Arena floor to the first row of ring support beams and can translocate to the Vent to the Stairs.  They cannot Translocate between the bottom ring support beams and level 4 (Minigun Cage area), or between level 4 (Minigun Cage area) and level 3 (Shock Rifle area) or even between level 3 (Shock Rifle area) and level 2 (UDamage/Link Gun).  They will need to use the jumppads to move between levels 4 and 3, and levels 3 and 2.. To reach level 4 from the Biorifle Arena the Bots will need to use the Stairs in the Red Room or the right Teleporter in the Blue Room.  To reach level 3 from the Biorifle Arena, the Bots will need to use the right Teleporter in the Red Room. Alternatively, the Bots can also teleport to the Rocket Arena and decend through the Shaft to levels 3 and 4 or drop down the long Elevator Shaft to the small Warehouse on level 2. 


All staticmeshes (with the possible exception of one staticmesh), textures, and sounds are from stock maps.  The idea for the burning barrels in the stairs is from DuesEx, the arrangment is from DOM-Citdom.  The flame emitter and lights for the burning barrels is taken from that map, the properties of that emitter, however, have been changed. The flame texture used in the emitter is a stock texture and therefore I see no reason whatsoever to seek or ask permission. The barrel is from BR-Slaughterhouse.  The idea for placing objects in open crates doesn't come from CTF-December even though the crates do, the idea for placing objects in open crates and the warehouse comes from Doom (the original game).

Maps used in the construction of DM-Shaft are:

DOM-Outrigger (teleporter)
BR-Disclosure (jumppads and directional lights)
BR-Slaughterhouse (Biorifle watertank assembly.  Brushes have been retextured, the catwalk skinned, and the fluidsurfacedinfo given a new skin also, the barrel used in stairs & large light fixture, emitter, wire and chain segments)
CTF-December (Crates, automated Doors, small red and blue static light fixture, orange tubing & Light ray staticmeshes)
DM 1-on-1 Squall or CTF-Grendelkeep, as well as, DM-Griffin (permission given in readme file) (All 3 for Skybox)
DM-Anafractuous2 (dripping water and water ripple emitters and ambient sounds (the idea to change pitch))
DM-Gael (Rocket Arena and Shaft staticmeshes, primary light fixture and steam emitter)
DM-Rankin (Water puddle by Keg-of-Health, lantren and doors for stair vent)
DM-Rustatorium (Fence staticmesh)

Idea for using long tube lights in minigun cage comes from CTF-Football2004, the staticmesh is NOT a custom staticmesh created by the author of CTF-Football2004.

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