DM-Silo puts the player in a three-leveled silo. The top most level has a walkway leading inwards that has a center of good weapons and power-ups. The middle level is circular, and on the outside of the perimeter, one can find power-ups and weapons there as well. The bottom most does the same, except there one can survey a majority of the map to find where the fighting is.

There are many hiding spots here. The map feels like it is in a silo: everything is of a dark color. The map is made out of metal and concrete to give an extra impression of a silo. On a side note, this map was designed and modeled by the 3d Buzz tutorial that the game came with. Saying that, it is basic, but it serves its purpose as a fun, functional map.

Don't get trapped reading this description, get trapped in DM-Silo!



DM-Silo v1
Author: Funniculai
*Note* This is not my idea, i got the idea fromt the 3D Buzz tutorial that came with the game, but I just added textures as i wanted to, and added a few extra static meshes.

This is my first map that i completed, it took me about 3 months, on and off of course.

Put the .ut2 file in the Maps folder of your unreal tournament 2004 directory
put the .ogg file in the Music folder of your unreal tournament 2004 directory

You can use this level for whatever you want, and you can edit it, you don't have to ask me, but if you want to then go ahead

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