For those of you you play or have played Counter-Strike, this is an incredible re-make of the CS 1.5 version of de_aztec. There are a few variations, but not many. The graphics are obviously better than the original map.

For those of you who haven't played CS (for some ODD reason), this map is something that will remain a gem in your Map folder.



Unreal Tournament 2004 Map


Title                   : Aztec
Version                 : 1.0 FINAL
Release Date            : 04-23-2004
Filename                : DM-TDB-Aztec.ut2

UT2004 Remake Mapper    : Teddie 'teddabod' Tapawan
Original HL/CS Mapper   : Chris 'Narby' Auty

Website			: www.funrealtournament.com
Other Website(s)	: www.smartapplerocks.com
Description             : My son plays Counter-Strike everyday religiously, so I decided to
			remake his favorite CS map (de-aztec) so he'd feel at home when I
			kill him in UT2004.

Where to send comments	: [email protected]


Play Information

Game                    : Unreal Tournament 2004
Level Name              : Aztec

Game Type               : Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch
Bot Support		: yes
Multiplayer             : yes
Custom Textures         : yes
Custom Static Meshes	: yes
Custom Sounds		: yes

Editor(s) used          : UnrealEd 3, Adobe Photoshop 6.0, MS PhotoDraw V2, LightWave
			Modeler 7, LightWave 3D 7, UVMapper



	Unzip the DM-TDB-Aztec.ut2 file into your \Maps folder

	Unzip the DM-TDB-Aztec.txt and DM-TDB-Aztec.jpg file into your \Help folder

To play the map choose DM-TDB-Aztec from the DM or TDM menu of UT2004 after you install the


Special Thanks

Thanks to Chris 'Narby' Auty the creator (original author) of de_aztec for Counter-Strike.

Thanks to the nice folks over at the INA Forums, Skill-Club Forums, and elsewhere who've
helped me with technical issues, beta-testing, file-hosting, etc. I'm grateful for your help,
time, and feedback (good and bad).

Thanks to my wife and son for beta testing the map with me across our LAN and for putting up
with the rest of my crap.



DO NOT modify this map or its associated files in any way.


Unreal® Tournament 2004 ©2004 Epic Games, Inc. Unreal is a registered trademark of Epic Games,
Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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