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Whoa, this is a seriously nice map. Although the title is really... off. This is definitely not 'Unreal' Its very realistic. Feels just like...


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Whoa, this is a seriously nice map. Although the title is really... off. This is definitely not 'Unreal' Its very realistic. Feels just like you're in a real suburb. Lovely atmosphere. Lovely detail. Amazing lightning effects. Awful sky... ;) You get what I mean. I'm guessing this wont appeal to people who prefer unreal maps, but this is so much like it could be a real place - it's cool! :D

Unfortunately, as with almost every map, there's a slight downer, but fortunately its a small one. The weapons are few and far between, there should really be more of them and stuff. Oh, and the standard of the sky falls short for this map, like I said before. But, well a picture speaks a thousand words. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Check the screenshots, as I'm finding it hard to conjour words which describe my admiration of this map well enough ;)

Atmosphere. It makes or breaks a map for me. And nothing adds to a great atmosphere better than great sounds. And the ambience here is great, especially the doors and creaking gates. Those really stood out as amazing additions, reminiscent of silent hill for me. So fix that sky and add some lightning noises instead of just the flash and you will have a perfect map. The FPS remained constatnly good throughout the whole map as well. Oh! And theres a little train running around the map, through back gardens and shrubs (which unfortunately you can't go into :( ) Oh, one last thing. Please let me go into the bar and gardens in the next map - If there's gonna be one!

~Szico VII~

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Mapper: Gavin "Goslin23" Goslin

Welcome To Mid-Town Unrealville. It's 3 in the morning with thunderstorms looming, but the fragfest is still going strong. 

People gather in the compound for a little R&R, but that's means Reload and Rampage in UnrealVille!

It's a very large map file due to the amount of detail, but it is optimized for machines
with lower specs. You'll find plenty of playerstarts, but the power-ups are scattered far and wide, so make sure you aren't 
wasting that ammo!

Stop by Big E's for the best subs in town and hit the 23 Hotel & Casino when you need a break from it all.

Unzip to your UT2K4 folder and you should be good to go! Have fun!


** Pay close attention to the sounds when you "gotta go real bad" :P ** 

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Welcome To UnrealVille and MidTown Madness!

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